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Stay high
Brittany Howard Lyrics

I already feel like doing it again, honey
'Cause once you know, then you know
And you don't wanna go
Back to wherever it is that you come from, yeah

I just want to stay high with you

'Cause where I come from
Everybody frowns and walks around
With that ugly thing on their face
And where I come from
We work hard and grind and hustle all day
(Yes, we do)
There comes a time, there comes a time
At night, where we get to play
And we smile and laugh and jump and clap
And yell and holler and just feel great

I just want to stay high with you
(With you, with you)

So, don't question my state of mind
I'm doing wonderful, just fine, thank you
(Thank you)
Everything is everything and everything is beautiful
(How did you get like that?)
See all I do is keep it cool and don't worry 'bout what everyone is doing
I already feel like doing it again, honey

I just want to stay high
I just want to stay high
I just want to stay high with you

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Brittany Amber Howard

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Nigel Lien

i love this video, the father is noticing so many bad/sad/depressing things in the world stuff like:
-his very dusty work place where no one is wearing masks to protect their lungs
-his broken seat belt
-local agriculture is doing poorly
-oil trains passing through their small town
-the lights at the pay stalls at the grocery store need replacing
-hazardous stop lights
-and the neighborhood he lives in is poor + his own house isn't in the best of shape

all of these still make it into his mind, he sees them but the shots that are the longest are:
-people smiling with friends/family
-people of different colours being friendly to each other
-people dancing/singing with each other
-and his family got the longest shot as well as the main message of the song, the entire video he's only thinking of his family.

he's not ignoring the bad stuff, just choosing to focus on the stuff that makes him want to keep going.

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We should just put Terry Crews in everything. I don't think there's a single soul who dislikes this man!

Kristen J

oof...this did not age well, unfortunately </3

Mike G



@TJ Wolf so you're okay with all the other racists you just hate racist white people? Each to their own.


@Godzmack President Camacho... look him up... best president eva 😉😂

Itsjustniah 101

the D how.

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Harry Proudlove

Man Terry Crews puts a smile on my face with everything he does. The man is a national treasure.

Kuben Blisk


Wanda Blair.Murphy

For sure❣

Yuri Giovanni


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