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Minnie The Moocher
Brothers Moving Lyrics

Well Folks, here's a story 'bout Minnie the Moocher
She was a red hot hoochie-coocher
She was the roughest the toughest frail
But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale

Ha ria ria ria-o (Ha ria ria ria-o)
Hue tie tie tie (Hue tie tie tie)
Hau te hute hute hute (hute hute hute hute)

She messed around with a bloke named Smokey
Wah! She loved him though he was cokey
He took her down to Chinatown and showed her
How to kick the gong around

Hue tie tie tio (hue tie tie tio)
Huiria tototo ta tototo (Hiririra tototo ha tototo)
Hirili eh eh eh eh-oh (Hirili eh eh eh eh-oh)

Then she had a dream about the king of Sweden
This great king gave her things, that she was needin'
A brand new house made of gold and steel
A million dollar car, with platinum wheels

Hauri hauri hauri ha (Hauri hauri hauri ha)
Habibae (habibae)

Huatia tia tia (huatia tia tia)
Riorie ere eu-u-rero (Riorie ere eu-u-rero)
Hua tururu rururu-ie (Hua tururu rururu-ie)

Hey ye hururie pe he (Hey ye hururie pe pe)
Hurpuh pe-pe pe-ie (Hurpuh pe-pe pe-ie)
Lirla lurla lirla-lei (Lirla lurla lirla-lei)

Huepo um-be um-be (Huepo um-be um-be)
Wuau wuau wuau eh-ho (Wuau wuau wuau eh-ho)
Hie te te rie-ie-oh (Hie te te rie-ie-oh)

Poor Min (Poor Min)
Poor Minnie (Poor Minnie)
Huuuuh (Huuuuh)

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Comments from YouTube:

Mexican Martial Arts

My life would've been so much better the last 8 years if YouTube had suggested this in 2012 🙄

yaboi mo

Never expected to see you here Grandmaster. Like seeing a teacher at your local bar lmao

Johnny Page

Holy shit que pasa Grandmaster

Chilli Dango

Just by a song?

Tee Dee


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Angus MacKaskill

Nothing like a good kazoo solo to bring a tear to your eye.

Alistair Mcdonald

The original would have been a SAX ? !


That is hilarious 🤣😆🤣


He plays a mean kazoo for sure.

Jennys Soapbox


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