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Dance With Dragons
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Fly with the dragons,
They become who they want,
Not a single worry in the cloud,
No death in the skies,
Just the dance of the dragons,
As they glide through the sky,
No human can hurt them,
As long as they are way up high,
Avoiding the ground,
The dance of the dragons,
Who stick together,
Not one dragon is left behind,
Until they form the dance of the dragons,
Which causes silence into the humans who called them once 'vicious',
Truly inspirational is what they call them now,
As the sore through the sky circling around each other in a parade,

(Sorry like writing here xD I love this song.

The Teller of Tales

The wizard traveled many a day to see this sight.
Where all would shed their plight.
Silver scales soared by the sun.
The dragons would soon have their fun.

The wizard sat and watched this sight.
The dragons in their flight.
Admired by all and none.
Play until they are done.

The wizard smiled at their might.
Enthralled by their flight.

The Dance with Dragons

Madison Snow

In the sky, as I take flight
So many others I see tonight
We dance, we fly
To battle we glide
No longer to be seen
Till the sun it rise
Over the mountains
Across the sea
You see us there
Just out of reach
We fly together
Dancing forever higher

Dragon Soul

I watch the sky with wonder and belief
That dragons will appear with a sigh of relief
Swooping down on glorious wings
And letting out a roar, they start to sing
Hiding from shyness and isolation
I welcome them with anticipation
One day, they will show in glory
Right out of the page of a fairytale story
The time will come, they won't turn to leave
They will come to you, if you truly believe

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Presley Hanzlik

Does anyone else just really love fantasy or magical stuff like dragons, mermaids, etc.?


I live for it!

Lovell Mendez


Shewolf Blacklink

Of course!


I see u everywhere

Little Rookie

I just like to imagine my rebirth in a
Fantasy world like mushoku tensei or maybe lord of the rings

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“I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.”
― R.A. Salvatore

gizmo white

I would not want to live In a world without magic and faith.

sir andreass



This makes me feel so alive, and miss moments that I can not fully remember.
I can feel wings and spikes along my spine, a longing for a home that is erased from my memory, somewhere deep in an ancient forest of looming trees.
Great roars and growls, long flights along forgotten mountains with the wind bashing my face. A longing for that life to be back is all there is when I listen to this.
The adventure, thrill and calmness of it all. I miss it.

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