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Brutally Awful Coffee Lyrics

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Elpresador's Tribute

Oooh yeah, Hulk Hogan, I remember way back when when the mega powers were bonded! Yeah! You made a lot of promises to the macho man, didn't ya. Promises that you didn't keep!
I remember one specific one, yeah, you promised that Elizabeth would never be in a dangerous position! You broke that promise didn't you Hulk Hogan! And who had to come in and make that critical save, The Macho Man Randy Savage, covering for Hogan again!
Hulk Hogan, I only come down to your matches when it's absolutely necessary, when you're down and out! That's the kind of rules I play by, but you, you play by different rules, yeah. You gotta get in your grand standing and your hot dogging, yeah!
I remember a time when I wrestled Akeem too, and the fact that I had Bossman in the outside of the ring just like you, the only difference is I was doing real good, yeah. I was stylin' out there like a champion, yeah.
But Guess who shows up for no reason at all! To get his grand standing and hot dogging in! You man, you Hulk Hogan, yeah! You just couldn't stand to sit back with your feet up and watch the champion in action! Well look at this prima donna!
Hulk Hogan not only are you a hot dog, a grand stander, a showboat, and a primadonna, but you're a liar too. In fact I remember a time where we stood in front of the man that does nothing but lie, Brother Love, and you told some of the biggest lies that I've ever heard of in my whole life!
That's a lie Hulk Hogan, and that's enough to get me hot, but what you said to Elizabeth is enough to get me to the boiling point! Yeah!
Hulk Hogan you say you love Elizabeth, I got news for you man, yeah. I got news for you! Elizabeth is gonna be in the corner of The Macho Man Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 5, yeah!
And let me tell you something, you say you love me like a brother, well listen to this Hulk Hogan! I hate you, I hate your guts! And that's what's going to be left all over the mat after Wrestlemania 5!

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Mike G

This man could rob a bank over the phone.

Handsome Wade Brody Jr.


A Rouse

🤣🤣🤣🤣 best comment ever, for real 😎😂😂


Hhhahhahahahahahha Yeah 👌





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Daniel Bedrowski

This video has so much energy. It literally charged my phone.

You know I'm right.

This comment is gold

Mark Shell

Did the Macho Man have veins bulging in his eyes though?

Mark Shell

Damn…is all I can say. What a comment!

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