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Meow Flute
Bubblegum Octopus Lyrics

The kitten plays a happy jig on his flute
But the notes are violent
They cause HP loss to us
Running from the death ray
Makes this look like a piece of cake
I never heard such awful sounds
They pierce brains and tear out souls
Magic songs that the damned composed
I had to run from the green notes that obliterate
Tear holes in the ozone
Rutpture brains and corporates
He played another round of angry melodies
The ground had jsut begun to shake
And my team was massacred
Nothing saved them from the words
But I have brought the power of the ancient gods
Wind and darkness, focus in my hands
Energy forces out of me
And tears through the lepecat
I have brought the pain now
Sees how thing have turned out
I should get going
Cat is defeated, life is so gleeing
See that puss in hell now
I am gone until I die
Don't let this shit make you cry
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah!

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Comments from YouTube:

Bubblegum Octopus

We've all been 16 once, I just happened to have people interested in what I was doing then (and also now.) There's no doubt this reeks of inexperience, and personally I can't stand this song anymore, but that's kinda the nature of writing music at such a young age. I've grown and moved on. And no, no one could pull this song together from scratch in ten minutes, certainly not a dumb ass.

Acacia Honey

My old MySpace song, why bad when so good??!!

BlueOrbee Reactions

well hello mr bubblegum octopus I make music because of the midicore and cybergrind scene im an artist in it now and I enjoy making it so thank you for inspiring me along with Hello Kitty Suicide Club


I love it! And do not apologize, it's a piece of art :)

Galeni Solvadore

Bubblegum Octopus broo thats soo cool xD i love it..
first time a friend showed me, i shat brix

King of Low End Paintball

Bubblegum Octopus Notice me Senpai!

Gunnar Kranenburg

This was the shit back on myspace!

Dead Happy

myspace? now that's something I've not heard in a long time lol =)


Amazing but terrible in the same but I love it so much!

Aaron Bair

Omfg I've been trying to find this band for years. Damn this is a throwback. Good ol' Myspace days.

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