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by Bumblefoot

Your left hand got your finger on the button
Your right hand forgot how to feel
Your head don't know what either one is doing
And you turn nothing into such a big deal, yeah

Well I be gettin' all the signals and the signs
And I've been watching how you cheat and steal
And then you try to spin my name into a lie
Now won't anybody tell me what is real?

Are you listening?
Do you hear a thing?
Even through your own shit, so deafening
Up on my own feet
You can't make me drop
Try to pull me down, I'll still be on top
Now you've started something you can't stop

Well, there's a fine line and you think you can cross it
Rolling along on your entitlement wheel
Who will remember you for self importance?
At least I got to know what the... Is real.

Ha ha ha...
Well you can keep all your dirty little secrets
Of all the scapegoats that you forced to kneel
I saw the world through Jesus coloured glasses
Now won't anybody tell me what is real?

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Comments from YouTube:

Bambi Shaker

my fave part at 0:57  <3 :)


I decided to record an acoustic guitar and vocal cover of real, I put the link on Facebook and to my surprise Bumblefoot was the first like on it !!! I guess you could say shit just got real, I'm loving this guy right now :) I get mega hyped up whenever a guitar idol of mine responds to me as a fan - it's super cool ! It goes to show that people who have social media crews taking care of online fans and media should take the time to do it themselves :) Thanks Ron you really made my day


Oh and also you can find the cover on my channel but you're not obliged to watch it, I just thought it was a cool little story with regards to how awesome this man is :)

Christian Chaparro

el mejor indiscutiblemente, dejaria a pies a cualquiera que diga que toque mas que el, es un demente un mounstruo del instrumento


Christian Chaparro .

Julio Luna

kicking ass!!! never gets old


I love "Real" from Japan.

Eve Ken

where have you been all my life!!??look at the rockstars of our era guys!!


Vim pelo Marcos de Ros pq não conhecia o cara, parece um Soundgarden versão shred


Uns do melhores guitarristas a passar pelo Guns N Roses, e foi indicado por ninguém mais e ninguém menos que Joy Satriani!!!

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