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How Do You Introduce A Mob?
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Sad to see this go.. I loved this when I was younger and I connected with it so much because of its humor that’s funny but is relatable! The characters are all unique in there own ways which makes it easy to get attached to one character because of its variety. I get that he wasn’t himself when making this but it could’ve gotten him out of his problems. It’s not a problem but I guess it was a beautiful snowflake that lasted long but melted tragically. I hope someone out there takes this for inspiration and makes a masterpiece just like this one.

The things that I enjoy

-Humor (Funny but understandable)
-Drama (Understandable)
-SONGS (Nice ones 👌🏼)
-Variety (Character designs, Voices and Personality)
-Good setting that everyone can grasp
-Good references (included in the jokes)
-Difference (Two complete opposite characters can set great arguments and which escalates the plot)

Overall this animated cartoon has been amazing to me and many others which should drive this into a big sensation which may make this go back to production. If the creator is reading please consider continuing this amazing show that everyone loves, please please please and thank you! 🙏🏼

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Jackson Wolk

I know James discontinued this channel because he isn’t proud of the person he’d become while running it but I can’t help but smile at all the dumb humor and memories this brings back. Just the distraction I needed while going through my own problems

Cool kid Sincere

Whatever James is doing I hope he’s OK I hope he didn’t commit suicide because there’s so much embarrassing info about him I feel terrible for James oh no he’s doing

Lord Hydreigon

Gonna miss him

Kaylani world

@Mika people also said caused he got exposed from grooming one of the voice actors

Joanna Raudmäe

@Jovan Carl üüü

Joanna Raudmäe

@Jovan Carl üüü

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Ruben Vergouwen

This art style looks like a combination of Fairy odd parents and Eddsworld...

And it's great!

(CD) SJ-12

@Darn not really... but I wish

Kasper The Ram Knight




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