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Into the Deep Time
Candy Claws Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Candy Claws:

Catamaran We ride to the reef We dive slow down beneath No air…
Sunbeam Show Melting first snow, delicate ferns grow Green shoots huge w…

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uggu piggu

1. Into the Deep Time (One Sun) 00:00
2. White Seal (Shell & Spine) 03:02
3. Fell in Love (At the Water) 06:44
4. Pangaea Girls (Magic Feeling) 10:44
5. New Forest (Five Heads of the Sun) 13:58
6. Transitional Bird (Clever Girl) 17:21
7. Charade (Fern Prairie) 21:47
8. Fallen Tree Bridge (Brave Rainbow Rider) 25:07
9. Birth of the Flower (Seagreen) 28:36
10. Illusion (Fern Lake) 32:23
11. Night Ela (Mystic Thing) 35:57
12. Where I Found You (One Star) 41:03

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Cyrus Rothenberg

This album makes me want to plant a forest and live there.


@edgyzero ayy cat soup

venawartmander :3

anprim niggas be like


Permaculture is your path to that my friend.

Okay okay, Now kids

@Revealing Storm Tarzan ?

Revealing Storm

@Jed one guy actually did something like that.

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The way they sing gives me Sweet Trip vibes. It sounds a lot like them.


It sounds nothing like them👍sweet trip is bad

thục anh

wth i'm literally listening to Sweet Trip and this album got recommended to me and then I saw your comment.

Literally Cancer

Gay Rattle Snake I recommend checking out the song blue morning by Isabel’s dream, and the song all day by bizarre, both are really really similar to sweet trip. But I’d also recommend astrobite, gel:, accelera dark, Lovesliescrushing, and Xinlisupreme. Hope this helps. Edit: totally forgot about transient stellar: rkodr and polykroma: radiaphane.

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