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Canoe Lyrics

It's not like I'm opposed to it
Just leaving has its price
Your mother's dying wish to me
Was raise these children right
So, Deborah, and Joshua, and Abigail
We'll go

A wounded knee and a worn-torn dream
Have often challenged me
So, children dear, go pack your things
Tomorrow morn we'll leave
For liberty, towards charity
And for mother dear we'll go

Children, come follow me
We'll run across this pier
Secretly we'll hide and we'll stowaway in here
It's time to leave everything we've ever loved before
But if the bobby comes aboard, we may never see New York

The crimson shade of the evening hill
Protect us, happy few
So close your eyes and dream sweet dreams
We'll land in three short weeks

Now Abigail, please dry your eyes or your fever will rise
Don't cry, don't cry!

Children, come follow me, we'll toss her overboard
Abigal is home in the heavens with the Lord
We're eight days from happiness
And eight days isn't long
Gather round the latern, we'll sing a happy song

We'll sing
Lie, lie, lie ,lie ,lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie lie, lie lie, lie

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Comments from YouTube:

James Vatter

It sure seemed fairly stable. I always figured they'd be prone to rolling. I hope you share more of this project.

Frontier Quest

James, it is fairly stable due to a flat bottom, though not as stable as a modern canoe of coarse.

Tim Warnecke

Very impressive!

Frontier Quest

Thank you Tim!

Leverguns 50



Great job! Wood's not perfect, it grows on trees...

Frontier Quest

True that! thanks for watching


🔝🚣🚣🚣📹 Merci à toi 📹🚣🚣🚣🔝

Frontier Quest

Thanks for watching


Looks good, for the cracks g-flex epoxy from west marine should do the job well. It’s remains relatively elastic so it can move with the wood as is expands and contracts. The fiberglass may end up being detrimental in the end, as water will get under it and not be able to get out, possibly causing it to rot prematurely. Don’t worry about not burning it out, I really think that was a pre-contact method used in some areas(but not all) of Native North America. Once the steel tools became available in North America I think that became the standard for canoe construction for both Native Americans and Euro-Americans. Keep up the great work!

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