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Wax Poetic
Capstan Lyrics

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No Americana I know I shouldn't show longing. Know I'd wax poetic. Alwa…

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Blood Toil Tears Sweat May the wind always be at your back. Anything in life…
Can't.Lie.Around.Remembering.Everything This hit me from left field these feelings that you…
Can't.Lie.Around.Remembering.Everything. This hit me from left field these feelings that you…
Drifter Menikmati setiap detik yang berlalu Disini bercanda bersama …
Relics In Ruins Your hands were always tied to a future set on…

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Comments from YouTube:


who’s here because of Rezo?
and btw this song is absolutely amazing :3

smlr 01

Haha, hey me too :)

Kasumi SSJ

Ok can we appreciate how crazy emotional these lyrics are?? Literally heart clenching man. “You were fibers in the thread, that stitched demons in my head, the reason I’ll drink on my own tonight instead”
“She always seems to color me the only shade she couldn’t see”
“I woke up today, and figured I’d burn everything, that made me think of you. The saddest part is that I was left with nothing by the time that I was through”

Holy heck. You got an old school knuckle puck sound and a Silverstein/Scary Kids Scaring Kids way with lyrics. It’s phenomenal and I love it.

Ap Pern

I love all of their lyrics.

Meghan Scanlon

Agreed with that lyrics.

punk slug

people have been sleeping on you guys for too long, can't wait for the blow up

BooBoo SingZ

@Capstan Band You Will Glow Brighter Than Ever Just Wait You Guys!

Amber Nichole

Same thoughts

matt krug

CAPSTAN are sick...bout to see em a 3rd time.


Wow they are with Fearless now

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