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Golden Gloves
Carbon Center Lyrics

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My Satellite So it comes down to this. Nothing to keep. No one to…

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Yes this video is very helpful. I've decided to stop baking my potatoes in uranium foil. Sitting on top of the kitchen counter. I've elected to use, aluminum foil. And put them in the oven. But it takes almost an hour that way. The uranium foil was so much quicker. And you save a boatload on, electricity, propane, natural gas,, charcoal.

What else can I use that uranium foil for? Condenser or ribbon microphones maybe?

Why can't I get it just to power my Prius? Or would it be better for a Tesla? One little beer can with that stuff should work. And placed within a 3 ft.² lead box. Auto accidents won't hurt that. It'll hurt autos. And so you will NOT be coming off the line. At, any red light anytime quickly.

But just think. You will always have a nice hot grill. For your tailgate parties and when you go hunting for venison. And who wouldn't want that?

I want one

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Jairo Kasso

XD i cant believe i was using uranium foil all this time instead of the cheap aluminium lol

Tannie Nguyen

i thought it's astatine


Not to mention it leaves your food with the taste of blood and teeth. Oh wait, that's MY blood. Oops.

Alejandro Alzate Sánchez

If you are Rich you can :v


don't blame yourself, we all make mistakes from time to time

don lang

Your meals stayed nice and warm, even in the deep freeze.

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Dániel Bedrossian

My grand father worked on creating some artificial heavy elements in Dubna, sadly he little told us what were the resultes and with wath methods, after he returned from Russia to Hungary.
His name was Bedrossian Peater.
You menthioned in a former video some creepily similar researches in Dubna. You might know where such informations are accessible. Could you informate me, please?
Some articles of his researches suppos to exist, written by his hand, according to some interested people who red his name and questiond my grandmother. But my family don't know much.
Maybe similar foil bombardings he took part.

Hristo Stanoev

Firstly. Thank you for existing and fueling my chemistry knowledge addiction, that i do not want to study . Thank you for the video . Imagine baking meat in uranium foil

Shezza Bezza

Hristo Stanoev would you even need to bake it or would just wrapping it in the foil cook it XD

Jon G

Thank you for bringing so much content into our lives that we would likely need many lifetimes to otherwise come across. The depth, original footage, and research are light years ahead of the rest of Youtube... thank you.

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