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Fiery Gun Hand
Cardiacs Lyrics

Sacred patience (and a short silence) and
We will be sure as eggs is eggs that
Jesus will hold his fiery hand to the gun
And together we'll blow him to the ends of the earth

To the ends of the earth
See has no lines on the sore palms of his hands
On the palms of his hands

He went off dead
He went off dead with his hand with his
Big gun fire hand
Big gun fire hand in his mouth in his hand

And puts a big gun up inside of his mouth and he
Fires til he cries
A bullet his gullet and he fires til he cries
Up inside til he-

Click! (run!)
"Hello sir I'm in a tango in a different timing I will never lose my anger,
I haven't got a secret
Secrets are in my secret box down my avenue

Suck away my tiny dress
I'm cleaner than a filthy mess
Cleaner than a big mess!"


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Comments from YouTube:


music truly is one of the best things to ever exist


I don’t know you but I love you, human

Steve Cobham

The guitar solo is by Jon Poole. It was constructed from several takes with the 'keeper' bits spliced together.
A work of genius - as is the entire album.

Quiet Batperson

@Alan Schofield I’ve heard David Torn on The Pineapple Thief’s White Mist. Spectacular song.


The funniest thing is Poole had to learn it so he could play it live and he did a damn good job on the live takes I've heard.

Yellow Jelly

@Franco Micale "that's how many guitar solos are made"
I think he meant in a literal copy-paste way. At a much more "atomic" level, which is why this has such a "wonky" feel compared to guitar solos in general.


@Alan Schofield I have David Torn's What Means Solid, Traveller? album, and it's a thing of beauty

Alan Schofield

A similarly brilliant solo is on the album Without warning by Everyman Band. The guitarist is David Torn. Can't remember which track and it's not on youtube. Down load them all it's a quality album.

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chuck z.

You think you know every band on the planet worth knowing, and then...


And then, suddenly, there’s only one band REALLY worth knowing, and the rest slip down a notch.

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