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Carlo Castellano Lyrics

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Eric Panic I want to be your lover But your friend is all…
Ghettosocks It’s that kid that loves animals spittin’ those flammables, …
Supercar そらに舞うソウル 光の層 そらに舞うソウル そらに舞うソウル ずっとまえを ずっとただまえを ずっと見ていた じっとただ…
Tryo Hé ouais ! On a des nouveaux collèges Collèges de l'impunit…
スーパーカー そらに舞うソウル 光の層 そらに舞うソウル そらに舞うソウル ずっとまえを ずっとただまえを ずっと見ていた じっとただ…

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Comments from YouTube:


The moment, when I entered the area in the game, where this track started was just magical!


@TilmitderBrill' (TilSkywalker) I just stopped playing, went in a dark silent place in my appartement and listened for 20 minutes or so, it was just magic.

Lukas Chewanis

when i made it to this part of the game, i was just standing there listening to this beautiful piece. Good job. i never felt that feeling since i was a kid.


May I ask what the inspiration for this was or possibly the feeling you were trying to get across? It's simply beautiful, it makes me feel at peace, yet at the same time so sad.

Matthew Robinson

@Carlo Castellano Its really cool you can imagine that feeling and portray it into such beautiful music! This track will be as breath taking and moving every time I listen to it from the first time I heard it!

Carlo Castellano

Inspiration was definitely sadness and being "alone" in a spaceship.

Henry Zarceno

This melancholic melody touches the innermost depths of ones soul, hauntingly beautiful representation of loneliness with a shimmer of hope. Mere words cannot express the emotions this song cultivates within a person. A feeling unknown to most, hidden in the dark crevasses of ones heart, hoping to never see the light of day.

R. Daneel Olivaw

I've lost count of how many times I've played this music already. I think this is definitely among your finest works, can't wait to give the music sheet a try! Thanks for keeping uploading on your channel


@Carlo Castellano Thank you Carlo, the music is soul touching, it is worth to be born just to hear this one piece of music.

Carlo Castellano

Thanks ;)

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