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Bad Water
Carroll Lyrics

Drop pennies in a shallow pool
Just to see if luck feels heavy
Is there anything half as cruel
As me already
California makes your face look new
Bad water makes you feel like running
Those wires that you're talking through
Keep something buzzing
Bad water makes your body glow
They're looking for a good replacement
Get clean with soap
After we taste it
Those sweaters on the wall, reclining
Chase boxes down the silver state
Judge a man by the coat he's wearing
While the world offends

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Comments from YouTube:

Matthew Duran

I heard this song baked in a Victoria's Secret store and im so glad I did, this song is beautiful

your bruv Joey

Justin Major buying his boypussy lingerie ;)

Justin Major

Matthew Duran why are you baked in a victoria secret wtf

C -

While working at Victoria secret I tried to Shazam this song every time it came on but I had terrible service so it never got the song and right now out of nowhere while checking Shazam it somehow managed to find it !


This is so good, I feel blessed I found Carroll

Naomi Fernandez

I hope they make them big I love them.


Everytime I see this I am amazed by how beautiful the animation is.

Tudor Crisan

How are you not more popular? Great! :)

Spike Marshall

I found this on Vimeo two years ago and really loved it but forgot what it was called and just last month I've found it again ❤❤ I'm so happy!

Last Good Kid on Earth

this gem is in my restaurant's music box; god bless the guy who did it

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