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Sheriff Fatman
by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

Sherrif Fatman started out is business as a granny farmer
He was infamous for fifteen minutes
And he appeared on Panorama
Then he somehow got on board a Starship Enterprise Allowance Scheme
With a Prince of Wales Award
For pushing Valium and amphetamines

Moving Up on Second Base
With Nicholas Van what's His Face
At six foot six
And 100 Tons
The undisputed King of the Slums
With more alias' than Klaus Barbie
Master Butcher of Leigh on Sea
Just about to take the stage
The one and only - hold the front page

Fatman's got something to sell
To the Capital's homeless
A Crossroad's Motel
For the No Fixed Abodeless
Where you can live life in style
If you sleep in a closet
And if you flash him a smile
He'll take your teeth as deposit

There's bats in the belfrey
The windows are jammed
The toilet's ain't healthy
He don't give a damn
Just chuckles and smiles
Laughs like a madman
A born again Rachman
Here comes Sherrif Fatman

With his Valium, amphetamines
Sicknotes and his phoney prescriptions
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the kitchen
Dead heads and cracked heads
Bunk beds and breakfasts
Wake up you sleepyheads
Check this

Moving up on second base
With Nicholas Van Whatshis face
At six foot six
And 100 tons
The undisputed King of the Slums
With more alias' than Klaus Barbie
The Master Butcher of Leigh on Sea
Just about to take the stage
The only and only hold the front page

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William Henderson

When you come up with a line like more aliases than Klaus Barbie the master butcher of Leigh on Sea take the rest of the day off and go to the pub it ain't getting any better

Byron Stead

No, finish off the song with some of the greatest lyrics of all times. Then go to the pub

Davy Maclean

Listing to this on the juke box in the NAAFI at JLR Regt RCT/RAOC in 1991 at the age of 16 and now wondering where the fuck the time/years have gone and why I have an HGV medical next month as I'm then 45 to those of us rapidly approaching middle age I salute you!

Sarah Bell

Oh bring back Carter and my youth, ♥


@Stephen Towers the soul

Stephen Towers

@GRUFFY MUSIC HAMSTER proper boss name, Gruffy Music Hamster, were did that come from?



Peter Charles

They’re back.

maina donaldson

Some of the best semi-live pogo fests IN HISTORY!

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Poppy Meow Meow

One of the most underrated bands ever. Simply brilliant!

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