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Wrecking Ball
by Casa Murilo

I've been approaching the edge since I left my home
Taking my chances trying to go it alone
Now I find myself with everything to lose

We've been running on empty, now we're out of time
Young at the start, now we're crossing the line
And I find we have nothing more to lose

And if we vanish into someone else's crowd
Keep our heads down til the lights go out
Terrified by the/Making eyes at the dark side

And the night time's not for sleeping anymore
You and me we spent 3 years trying to keep the wolves back from the door
And now we're kicking out
Wish I could show you what the fuss is about
Bring on the wrecking ball
Until they can't take anymore

How many days did you doubt that we would find our way?
Crashing parties leaving off of your face
You and I we could find we've got nowhere left to go

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Comments from YouTube:


I"m here at the edge of the year. 2019

Tobin Holz

This song is perfect for me, it somehow got stuck in me ever-living playlist.

Jenny Ødegård Gangsø

Denne fortjener så uendelig mange flere views. Fantastisk låt!


Great music, guys. I love your new album. Amazing. People of Norway; you better appreciate this...

Mofazzal Hossain Rizu

I am from Bangladesh. I just love this band.They came to our country. Lucky that I watched their two concerts in live.. Respect..

Matthias Wellhöfer

Geniale Musik... Thank´s from Germany


Too bad a search for "wrecking ball" takes me to a thousand Miley Cyrus videos :/

Stephan Anoj

Casa Murilo you guys are awesome! Watched you'll perform both in Jaffna and Colomb, Sri Lanka!

Dru Tube


Magnus Aanstad

You guys rocked ikkjevel 2013!

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