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Hymn For the Greatest Generation
Caspian Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Rock Sound



Some of the most beautiful music ever written. I feel bad for people who haven't heard this.


Thank god music like this exists. I discovered Caspian when I was in college back in '07-08' and this band, Maserati, American Football, Unwed Sailor, If These Trees Could Talk, Tristeza-the greats of post-rock, really-were all that kept me from offing myself. I still love Caspian, and this is no exception. 

Vidhyut Gadia

Thank you.

#1 Tako

@heywaitMarlee Those are all great bands. I can't wait for ITTCT's new album! I also haven't heard of American Football and Unwed Sailor. Definitely going to check them out!

Jakob Nelson

this song might be the greatest thing that's ever happened to me

Omar de Paula Rezende

Jakob Nelson It's changed my life too, man!!! It's become sort of a mantra to me. I'd really love to see them talking about this song.

Pedro Almeida

The whole song is beautiful. but I love how real the acoustic guitar sounds in the beginning. 

Daniel White

Why hadn't I heard of these guys before? Definitely a worthy addition to my mental catalog of post-rock bands.

Jon Bruford

I know it's not some official video, but this visual is just... perfect.

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