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Mr Blue
Catherine Feeny Lyrics

Mr. Blue
I told you that I love you
Please believe me

Mr. Blue
I have to go now
Darling don't be angry

I know that you're tired
I know that you're sour and sick and sad
For some reason

So I'll leave you with a smile
Kiss you on the cheek
And you will call it treason

That's the way it goes
Some days a fever comes at you
Without a warning

And I can see it in your face
You've been waiting to break
Since you woke up this morning

Mr. Blue
Don't hold your head so low that you can't see the sky
Mr. Blue
It ain't so long since you were flying high

Mr. Blue
I told you that I love you
Please believe me

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Written by: Dewayne Blackwell

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chouu huang

Mr. Blue,
I told you that I love you
Please believe me

Mr. Blue,
I have to go now, darling 
Don't be angry

I know that you're tired
Know that you're sore and sick and sad for some reason
So I leave you with a smile
Kiss you on the cheek
and you will call it treason

Mr. Blue,
Don't hold your head so low
That you can't see the sky

Mr. Blue, 
It ain't so long since you were flying high

That's the way it goes some days
A fever comes at you without a warning
And I can see it in your face
You've been waiting to break since you woke up this morning

Mr. Blue,
Don't hold your head so low
That you can't see the sky

Mr. Blue, 
It ain't so long since you were flying high

Mr. Blue,
I told you that I love you
Please believe me


i liked their friendship and i liked that the show decided to end itself on a bittersweet note. if you think about it, a lot of the show revolved around the fact that diane and bojack came together in the first place to work on bojack's book and how that book kinda kickstarted a lot of things in bojack's life to start happening again and so begun the downward spiral when he gets everything that he ever wanted and having to confront the issues that he could just blatantly ignore before.

in a way, the show began with diane and bojack and the show ended with them parting ways having moved on from that time in their lives when they were entangled together (even as just friends). and it's... sad and melancholic in a way i can't really describe. the reality that some friends aren't meant to spent a lifetime together is theoretically a "downer ending" but we've spent so much time with these characters that we, the audience, have to come to terms that they've grown to the point where they don't... need each other anymore.

...:( adult friendships are so hard to come by, it's really depressing to think they will both stop maintaining contact because it's really not that easy to find people who will stand by you at your worst times in life. diane did really stick through a lot for bojack and it's sad to know that the suicide attempt was the last straw for her in ending their friendship because she felt it was too much of a hostage situation. but i guess things like that just have consequences and all bojack can really do is keep living... and move on.

idk if you have different thoughts about why diane wants to stop talking to bojack, feel free to reply. i know its part of the whole "moving on" thing and trying to move past that LA self who was self destructive and whatnot but it feels wasteful to stop maintaining contact altogether. they've been through a lot together and as much as diane doesn't like bojack because of certain aspects (know too much about each other, lol), i feel like their friendship was mutually positive at times.

then again, maybe i'm just biased. when i think about those times they comfort each other in their lowest points in their lives, i just think back to bojack's eulogy where he describes his relationship with his family as "drowning together". in a lot of ways, i think the same way could be used to describe bojack and diane's friendship: they were "drowning together" and that's what made diane stick around for as long as she did. its the illusion of a good friendship disguising an unhealthy co-dependency...? fuck if i know man


I know, I know, everyone else wants to comment on how 'Bojack Horseman' was fantastic, and believe me, I want to do the same as well, but I'm going to hold off on that for one moment to talk about something else that happened.

My ex broke up with me 6 days before Christmas. It hurt a lot. I knew she cared a lot about me, but we grew apart, and I tried to keep it together for the both of us, but the truth is, she and I wanted to work jobs that were too demanding for our personal lives, and our communications, her passion, it died off by the time she uttered the words "break up". I've done a lot to get over the hurt, and I feel I'm ready to move on, but those lines...

"So I'll leave you with a smile,
kiss you on the cheek
and you will call it treason"

She hugged me farewell, and that may be the last I ever see of her. I feel like I am my own version of Mr. Blue when I hear this song, and it really hits home that, maybe, it's better to be reminded that I was once doing so well, "flying high", and I want to keep doing that. I want to keep being a better version of myself, and now I get to talk about Bojack Horseman, and the quote that really did it for me the most:

"I think there are people that help you become the person that you end up being, and you can be grateful for them, even if they were never meant to be in your life forever."

So now I'm grateful for what I had. She may never be in my life forever now, but at least she was there to help me become who I will one day become, and that is something I will always be grateful for.

That is why I love Bojack Horseman. The show gave me two things - a quote, and a song - to help move past a moment I had dreaded ever since I was a high school kid wanting to be loved, but being afraid of being abandoned whenever it was convenient for someone else. Thanks to everyone who made that show. Thanks to all the voice actors. Thanks to everyone else, like me, who loved the show enough to keep it going on. And thanks to my ex, who I will now, from this moment on, be grateful for.

The Nosow

Sobre Bojack Horseman:

En lo personal había pasado de Bojack por mucho tiempo. Cada vez que me proponía a verla, había una razón que no me enganchaba, quizá otra serie, quizá el mismo celular o simplemente no tenía el suficiente interés por ver la serie... Pero cuando me metí de fondo en la misma puede ver lo profunda e instrospectiva que resultaba ser.

Es cierto, uno fácilmente puede irse con la idea de que el "propósito" de la serie es ser una serie de humor negro y de cierta manera satírica sobre un protagonista borracho y autodestructivo.

Sin embargo la serie, resulta ser una obra maestra (claro, tiene altibajos) que nos muestra el lado crudo del ser humano:

Nada es color de rosa. La felicidad no es una meta y un estado perpetuo que al alcanzarlo se quedará con nosotros completando nuestro propósito en la vida. Los problemas vienen aún después del matrimonio. No por ser los "héroes" de nuestra propia historia, merecemos ganar, incluso podemos ser el antagonista de la historia de un tercero...

Bojack Horseman rompe con ese esquema que nos ha impuesto la cultura popular donde todo es "vivieron felices por siempre"; ya que no por ser el protagonista, se merece ganar por ser el "bueno" de la historia...

Y aún con todo lo negativo que pueda sonar todo lo anterior... Bojack también nos enseña que existe el cambio, aunque este no sea un camino fácil.

Uno puede cambiar siempre y cuando esté dispuesto a hacerlo con el fin de poder seguir avanzando.

Sugar Póyon

Prestaron atención a las señales? Creo que desde el principio los creadores querían que Bojack se ahogara:
-La pintura de su oficina era un caballo ahogandose.
-PB lo salva una vez de ahogarse.
-La intro siempre termina con Bojack sumergiendose en su propia piscina.
-En el funeral de su madre dijo: Sentiamos que nos ahogabamos, pero lo estabamos haciendo juntos.

El ultimo capitulo funciona a modo de despedida con sus seres queridos, como el anteultimo basicamente, osea que sigue alucinando en el agua. Esto se refuerza con el inicio, que empieza con Diane y Bojack mirando el cielo y la frase al final "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if this was the last time we talked to each other?"

Si prestas atención todos los personajes dan un monologo de como se sienten, y la mayoría encanjan con lo que bojack piensa. El ejemplo mas claro es el de PB, que habla sobre su relacion con las mujeres, super raro ya que jamas fue acusado como bojack en la tv.

Mi teoría es que Bojack jamas salio de la piscina y el ultimo capitulo es un escenario feliz que el mismo se plantea, para hacerse creer que todos van a estar bien en su ausencia.

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"Hey, wouldn't it be funny if this was the last time we talked to each other?"

Toni Capone

Yeah. Sad part is that was it. Diane had to move on. She couldn’t stay with Bojacks negativity.

Ur Wrong

Rabbit0 ik bro. 😭😭


@Sydnee B I feel you.


@Ur Wrong Yeah I know how you feel. I actually put off seeing the ending for awhile and wow, just wow.


@Erin _ We can tell from his reaction that is was pretty bad at least. Probably wanting to cut him out of her life forever. Bojack was probably the only one calling her constantly like that so she changed her number to get rid of him.

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Coffee and Green Tea

There will probably never be another show like bojack and that’s kinda a nice thing

Ashley Mae

it was nice while it lasted..

Tyler Carey

@Donovan Lucas Bojack was perfect. I hope there is a show just as good. But man those writers are genius.

Foxrider Scorpion

It Was Nice While It Lasted, eh?

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