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Nocturne in a Minor
Chad Lawson Lyrics

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Abhik Roy

I don't usually listen to classical piano, but when I do, I listen to something like this...


25 years ago there was "new age piano". Now it's been rebranded as neo-classical, minimalism, etc. and sold by people with a very basic set of skills. It's just so incredibly boring because even as minimalistic music it's very clichéd.

giuseppe profita

it's not classical music.... is modern contemporary piano... poor Beethoven ..


Music is the most magical thing i'v ever obviously seen. Maybe i should have written melody. That always makes me surprised when i listen to a song that gathered with some notes and i can't belieeve the orders of notes. This is literaly one of them. And i guess i will never get bored to listen to this. Thanks for this gift.


This is the last song that was on my mothers spotify before she died. I had to google it to listen to it. Beautiful.


@Laurie Antoniol Thank you very much man, It's been a little over a year since she passed now so, starting to realise each year will be the same in this aspect but thank you for your support ^^

Laurie Antoniol

I know it's been a while now but if you get this, I send you lotta strength to continue your path... 🙏🏼💕

Vesna Diaz

This song is everything and will transcend time. Classical is the music of God 💖

Render Barn

Wow that's beautiful.

Fitriyani VJin52

Thanks to Arcas yg udah masukin lagu ini ke cerita wattpadnya

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