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Got to Call that Love
Charles Anthony Lyrics

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Christian Watson

The way he called him "street clothes" without breaking stride kills me 😂

Deroxan Lit

What was Chuck referring to street clothes ??

Richard Taylor

I love chuck. Its bc he is telling the truth....most people are scared to say something that might hurt someone's feelings. Not Charles. Welcome to Alabama yall, you arent welcome, go home

Max Smart

Nunn street clothes 2.0. AD and 2.0 inability to stay healthy cost Lakers a play off spot.


Hazzy clothes that you wear when you on the street. He’s always wearing his outside clothes when he should be dressed in his Lakers uniform!


I don't understand what street clothes is

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Chuck is not wrong. A 27 year old AD being carried by a 37 year old Bron. Should not happen. Not 1 player could stop AD if he wanted to attack in the post


You are crazy, Gianni’s would make eyebrow look average hell even troell would rag doll street clothes


I feelt him when he answered, "I think I think too much". I be doing that too


@geekUSA101 same with Wade who was butting heads with little bron Bron the first year. Then turned into a beta player after. They all turn into beta players because little bron bron wants stats, so they just use their abilities to open up the game for LeBron to inflate stats.

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