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Call Pon Dem
by Chezidek

Call pon dem poor people ah call pon dem
Seh di poverty think it a fe end
Call pon dem herbalist ah call pon dem
Seh fe legalize the herb from when
Call pon dem rastaman ah call pon dem
Lightnin & thunder ah go fall pon dem
Call pon dem jah children ah call pon dem
Proper education dem ah defend

Tell dem when dem inna dem big conference
Tell dem seh dem laws dem nah mek no sense
Di man ah blaze di (triune) an black ah reverence
How you come and tell him seh is an offence
Secret agent with gun influence
Secret agent with drug influence
You no want see the youths dem ah hold dem event
You no want dem fe hold dem rent


You no listen to the calling
Then you know you’re inna danger
Seh di voice of the people
Is the voice of jah
Turn your backs at the sufferer
And let the children ah fight for food
Inna the gutters and the ghetto yah
Seh you no treat dem good


Ah you say you ah the leader
Whole leap a mouth war feedar
You come and gwaan like Cesar
You’re better check your procedure
You rhum bar and you drink and get mary
You gun dare and ah gun dem ah carry
Soldiah man dong in him soldier Larry
And da tear da ah Benny

Writer(s): Desbert Johnson Copyright: Makcush Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Contributed by Ryan S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Angel cyr

anyone still playing gta 4



Berto15 adml


Diego Torres



Gta V vehicle physics are shit compared to IV, cars have no weight , to much traction , IV was way better

kagomaz music

My favourite song on GTA

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Руслан Орлов


Radiator StraightGod PLX HobbyMakeMusicR

Roman is alcoholic just like me ahh slovian power :))

Radiator StraightGod PLX HobbyMakeMusicR

Kurwa roman znów się najebałes xD

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