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Chiasm Lyrics

here i stand in this room/caged and trapped inside/seems i'm damned to live a lie/unaware of what's outside/should i care/for what's left me behind/and i stare at light that makes me blind/internally there's nothing left for me to be/i'm here alone and isolated/have no choice but be isolated/struggling/left alone/apart/pushed aside/made segregated/struggling/left alone/apart/see i have no choice but be isolated/threatened/forced to extract the heart/pushed aside/made segregated/have no choice but be isolated/the monsters make me hide/perhaps i'll eat myself alive/internally there's nothing left for me to be/i can't care for what's left me behind/internally there's nothing left for me to be/ i'm here alone/and isolated


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Ha ha ha... No. Pretty little faces think they hold all the cards think they know all the names and how to play the game

Joyhad it's a lot like chess where the pieces EAT EACH OTHER!! Over and over and over.

12 little Indians all in a row la la la play your games little toy boy girl doesn't matter...

Don't mock the madness, it's all around you, it's in your head and you just go see it looking in the mirror all the time

We've seen how it is, we've seen How It Ends, daddy's not coming home, there is no strict to flip there is no last page

In a word BEDLAM, mass-market Global Armageddon Madness weapons-grade Insanity World Without End, amen and pass the ammunition

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It's kinda strange to hear the song without the elevetor noise :D


@Nosnoug one is never too late for this pearl of a game! hope you enjoy your stay in L.A. ;)


You are totally right. I've only recently picked up Vampire: The Masquerade, so I'm a little late to this party, but damn I enjoyed going into The Asylum just for this song

I imagine my Brujah dude grooving whenever I hear it

Fila Kyle

LoL. Exactly

Jess H

@OldJerseyDevil oh shit, a malk

ladislav trojan

very... :D

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Vandal Savage

This was the billion dollar franchise that nobody picked up...

Omio Rahman

Careful what you wish for


aged like milk lmao

Artur Phleps

Look at us now bro. A few months away from the sequel.

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