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Chiasm Lyrics

here i stand in this room/caged and trapped inside/seems i'm damned to live a lie/unaware of what's outside/should i care/for what's left me behind/and i stare at light that makes me blind/internally there's nothing left for me to be/i'm here alone and isolated/have no choice but be isolated/struggling/left alone/apart/pushed aside/made segregated/struggling/left alone/apart/see i have no choice but be isolated/threatened/forced to extract the heart/pushed aside/made segregated/have no choice but be isolated/the monsters make me hide/perhaps i'll eat myself alive/internally there's nothing left for me to be/i can't care for what's left me behind/internally there's nothing left for me to be/ i'm here alone/and isolated


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The Bloodlines soundtrack isn't just great, dark music, it's also serving the story. When you first enter the Asylum, you've only been a vampire for about a night or two. You're introduced to a ruthless uncaring world where you're struggling to survive and forced to do horrible things you'd never have dreamt of doing as a mortal. You're frightened, scared, forced to change everything that you were, not understanding why this is happening, and you're... Isolated.


Narrative designer is genious


@Max Power Very true, Beckett too


Этот трек можно интерпретировать и как песню от лица одной из сестёр Voerman.

Kayse Nix

I really hope bloodlines 2 comes out and also as an Easter egg incorporate the song into the game

Max Power

I put my faith is Jack (misplaced or not) I was never alone.

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It's kinda strange to hear the song without the elevetor noise :D


We should reallly go back to the asylum some day, is there a way to get the community together for an event ?

Mille Sabords

that's why I always watch this video in an elevator


You are totally right. I've only recently picked up Vampire: The Masquerade, so I'm a little late to this party, but damn I enjoyed going into The Asylum just for this song

I imagine my Brujah dude grooving whenever I hear it

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