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Trust None
Chief Keef feat. Johnny Maycash Lyrics

Trust none, bitch I don’t
Bitches on my dick but I know she want
Fuck niggas, I don't fuck with them
I don't trust no nigga why not?
'Cause they pussy niggas, they snake niggas
They'll turn on you, yes sir!
This bitch say I don't trust her, I don't give no fuck!
I don't trust myself, so what the fuck?

Trust none, bitch I don’t!
Wife a bitch, bitch I won’t!
That's loud, bitch I smoke
I got a lot of dogs
Don’t make me sick em on you


Trust none, bitch I don’t
Wife a bitch, bitch I won’t!
This loud bitch I smoke
I got alot of dogs
Don’t make me sick em on you
Getting money, in my true religions
Bitch sosa day, its what you been missing
Rolling, I’m rolling bitch
I’m with a bad bitch my pistol she be holding it
Take it out and start shooting
We got alot of clips, you can say this a movie
I’m cumming in her mouth, she ain’t trynna bust
Then I kicked her out
O-block what I rep
You need some help if you disrespect chief sosaaa
Bitch I’m on, and purple lean what I’m sipping on



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Comments from YouTube:


Swear chief keefs old musics doper then all his new shit.


@Scr8 Up Factz cap


he diddnt fall of, he just really care too much to make crazy music he just has fun now knowing people will still bump him

Railroad Forest

@Scr8 Up Factz cap he put out a lot of good songs

Legendary Trillx

One of keef best songs

Legendary Trillx

Best song by keef hands down

J White

7 years ago jee


Deff one of the best 💯


2021 and this shit is still next level

John Stockton


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