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My Girl
Chilliwack Lyrics

Ever since left me
I sure feel all alone
A little misunderstanding
I can't get her on the telephone
Hanging out down on Main Street
Living in a different world
Standing around with the gang on the corner
Talking about my girl

My girl, she was the world to me
She's gone, away across the street
My girl, is just a memory
She's been so long away

She didn't have to leave me
She didn't have to run
She didn't have to go without a word to anyone
I hope she's doing alright
I got no way to know
Unless she gets to hear this song
Hear it on the radio

My girl, she was the world to me
She's gone, and that's a tragedy
My girl, is just a memory
She's been so long away

I hope she gets the message
Got to get back, you know
Gonna track her down, I'll find that girl
Gonna tell her that I love her so
Put the word on the grapevine
Spread it all around the world
Sooner or later I know I'm gonna get her
I'm talking about my girl
My girl

My girl [Repeat x12]

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Randy Miller

I'm so glad I got to grow up in the 80s. Just a fun decade & era of music to ever come around in my opinion.
Great, Great music...Great, Great 1 HIT WONDERS, & Great times.
I loved this song in 1981. I was in 7th grade. 97 WABB here in Mobile Alabama used to play this song in regular rotation.
I have it on my MP3 PLAYER and still listen to it often.
I say it all the time and I'LL say it until I really understand the 80s you had experience and live in the 80s.
I wish someone would build a time machine and take all the 80s Fanatics back to a fun & special time in all of our lives.
I tell my daughter who is 13 mow about the 80s & she always says I lived back in the stone-age cell phone, no internet, no facebook...
I always say this was a GREAT TIME to live in.
Saturday afternoon at the mall video game arcade with all my friends trying to beat each other's HIGH SCORE on Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Astroids & Pitfall.

All comments from YouTube:

Mike KH

Growing up in the 80's, we used to pick up Canadian radio stations across Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  This was one of those great Canadian bands that we would hear in the early 80's.  We got a steady dose of great artists like Rush, April Wine, Frozen Ghost, Prism, Kim Mitchell and so many others.  Canada has some great musicians.  I feel so blessed to have grown up hearing these bands.

Modern Milner

You had me at Rush.

Trigger Warning

Yeah, same here. Seems like we heard a lot of Canadian rock in Michigan in those days.


i just heard this song in the car today and that instantly gave me nastolgia cause i used to hear this in the car when i was a toddler hehe

Michael Shields777

14CFUN out of Vancouver, B.C

Bill Elson

Platinum Blonde.

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My 12 year old just heard this song for the first time and started dancing. There may be hope for the youngsters yet.

Jessy Lapointe

There is been listening to this since I'm 2feet tall because of my dad I'm 24 I'll pass it on aha


Now she's is 17


morosemoose ok boomer

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