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Corelli: Concerto grosso in G minor Op.6 No.8 "Christmas Concerto"
Christopher Gordon Lyrics

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Insane Sioux

I have had the honour

of dining with him twice.
He spoke to me on both occasions.
A master tactician

and a man of singular vision.

He always said in battle..."Never mind
the manoeuvres, just go straight at 'em."

Some would say not a great seaman, but a great leader.
He's England's only hope

if old Boney intends to invade.
Sir, might we press you for an anecdote?

The first time that he spoke to me...
I shall never forget his words.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

He leaned across the table,

he looked me straight in the eye,

and he said "Aubrey...

may I trouble you for the salt?"

I've always tried to say it

exactly as he did ever since.

The second time...
The second time he told me a story...

about how someone offered him

a boat cloak on a cold night.

And he said no, he didn't need it.

That he was quite warm.

His zeal for king and country kept him warm.

I know it sounds absurd,

and were it from another man,

you'd cry out "Oh, what pitiful stuff"

and dismiss it as mere enthusiasm.

But with Nelson...

you felt your heart glow.

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Ugh, here we go again. Scrape, scrape, scrape!

Chris Armstrong

Nothing you can dance to


"Which it will be ready when it's ready!"


Glad to see a bunch of Master and Commander fans in the comments...we all agree its one of the best movies made after 2000.

Christopher Campbell

Crowe is the master 🙌 herein


@Howard Wayne? It was Patrick OBrian

Howard Wayne

@Envoy you should read the book !!

Howard Wayne

I have a compleat collection of the Aubrey books . this isn't the only story Fitzpatrick wrote .


I was 14 yo when watched the film. It also made great impact on me, helped me completely form traditional views of life and beauty, instilled a love of classical music and history, made me fond of studying and strengthened the love of the age of sail! When watch it again or listen to its soundtracks the soul gets filled with tranquility.

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Selena Pap

"Tell me this wasn't on my account."
"No, not at all. I just needed to stretch my legs."

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