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TV as Eyes
Chrome Lyrics

I don't know why I should wait
I've got to find a way
Something you feel inside
Something I feel inside
Waiting at the back door of my mind
Back at the wheel again
Something you feel, desire
Back at the wheel again
Something you feel inside
Waiting at the back door of my mind

Writer(s): Helios Creed, Damon Edge

Contributed by Lucas S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Chuck Abbate

its like fridge falling down a flight of stairs

mark ewings

Cool all the way

Ray Zappa

Bought the album after John Peel played it. He said it made Pere Ubu sound like the Brotherhood of Man! I know its great music because it makes my eyes blink really fast as I'm trying to listen to this stuff that the brain just isn't designed to cope with. Beefheart's 'Pena' is only thing that comes close for me. No-one will ever get close again I think. Those of us who were there just have to be grateful.

Barrel Shape

Love the ragged-sounding production, sloppy riffs, nasal singing and sci-fi samples. Chrome were one of a kind.

Erkki Poor Timo

i still have this LP at home since 1979

mark ewings

So do I


Started listening to Chrome and heard this song and i recognized the riff from somewhere. then I realized it was a Jesus Lizard song. Then i realized it was the Jesus Lizard song Chrome that covered this song, par the vocals which DAvid yow did himself

HP Spacecraft

To be fair, I can't understand what they're saying in this song either, I'm rewriting the lyrics for my band's cover too


Oh so The Jesus Lizard song "Chrome" is associated with the band Chrome!

Chuck Abbate

ValasVixson yup

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