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Into the Woods
Cilla Jane Lyrics

I went into the woods today to see what I could find
I saw an owl and he told me
That he was wise

I went into the woods today to see what I could find
I saw a fox and he told me
To run away and hide

He said take your chances
Run and hide
I went into the woods today to see what I could see
I saw a deer and she told me
That she was free

She said stay a while
Don't be afraid
I went into the woods today to see what I could find

Contributed by Caroline K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Ink Spectra

The owl in the trees promotes a sense of wonder that draws the viewer in, and you can't help but think he gave something valuable to the girl. The tallness of the trees helps add to the feeling of wonder in the beautiful place. I will bring this up again.

The was the fox and the owl's eyes look are very similar to the girl's in terms of color. Even more interesting... the fox seemed to frighten the girl. The short clip of the creature that scared them was the fox himself. It was as if it was warning the girl to run, despite not knowing what the real danger was. "Take your chances, run and hide." Basically teaching her the lesson that when in doubt run from her problems.

Then later, the deer says "Stay a while, don't be afraid." And I think the deer itself represents maturity because as soon as the girl touches it, everything begins growing. It symbolizes her growing up and accepting that you don't always run when there's conflict. And after that scene with growth, you see her in her adult age walking out of the forest.

In the end, I believe the girl's journey through the forest is symbolism of her going through childhood, discovering pieces of herself along the way, such as the scarf, the bracelet, and even the scar. Perhaps those three things symbolize something in their own rights. The bracelet being a symbol wonder of the unknown and development of the mind. The scar being a reminder of fear of the unknown and development of caution. The scarf being an item of acceptance of the unknown and development of reason.

As for the animals themselves, I simply believe they represent things that taught these lessons and caused her to feel certain ways. The owl made her feel curiousity and wonder. The fox made her feel fear and caution. And the deer made her feel safe.

This is all a theory, a VIDEO THEORY aaaannnnnd cut.
Seriously thank ya'll if you read this far. Feel free to add your thoughts below.

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It's not as full of frame-by-frame as your usual work, but your use of colour is fucking incredible. I LOVE how well you portray the night, it's so dark but you can tell exactly what's going on. Fantastic work.

Vennesa Violet

I have a theory...I've been watching this over and over again and listening to every single word she said.My theory is called the three gifts from the woods.The first gift is from the wise owl is his necklace right? She was given the owls wisdom.Even though you don't see the Fox give any thing to her he did say run and hide and while they were running she cut herself. The Fox gave her fear.When she met the dear the dear said she was free and gave her the scarf she was wearing. She gave her freedom. She was given wisdom,fear,and freedom. That's my theory!

Nothing Is Real

@Jarred Brown Not funny

Tessa De La Fuente

Growing up: you get wiser, more cautious of the world, and more independent in your personal freedom.

Jarred Brown

I have a theory that you are in fact a potato

Ronnie Francisco

Vennesa Violet Awesome!


The three gifts of the druid: Magic, caution, and freedom. Those are the gifts that she was given.

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Ctime RUN

Huh. This is one of those animation that makes me feel like a better person for having seen it. Well done.


@chluaid no prob sonny jim


@chluaid but but i-

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