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Gladiator Suite
City of Prague Philharmonic Lyrics


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AnnMarie Villalvazo

Just listen to part 4:58 up intil 6:06. thts freaking cool.. :)


when listening to this I feel like I can conquer the world :D


This song is amazing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


Epic music...but somehow I heard a bits of Pirate of Caribbean and Battle of Britain here and there (???)

Martin Holinka

aspon neco v tom cesku mame :)

DJLizzyB TM The One

go trombones!!!!!!!!!!😊


Who cares this is Gladiator, pure epic and pwnage agains Pirates of the Carribian!!! And Hans Zimmer also did Pirates of the Carribian score as well


listening to movie music while doing homework makes me feel epic


OMIGAWD I loooooooooooooove Gladiator's soundtrack :D :D :D


@alsadiyarto that's because they were all done by one composer...and when you do so much stuff, you just happen to repeat some awesome pieces, because they are, well, awesome :)

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