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Where Are Your Smiles At
by Claire Hamill

Where are your smiles at today
Have you secretly locked them away?
Is the weather too wet
Don't you need me just yet
Is our happiness draining away?
Is it something I've done
That has shadowed the sun
Is it something I've said
Is it me?
Have the stars in my eyes
Started telling you lies
Has your vision gone dead
Can't you see?

What is the matter my love
Is the sky falling through from above?
Have my words lost their rhyme
Has our clock stopped the time
Has my presence here not been enough?
Do you want me to go?
If you do let me know
If you just say the word
I'll be gone
But we can't stop the show
With one second to go
We must sing to the end of our song

What are your tears for my friend?
Have we finally come to the end
Have the band stopped our tune
Are you leaving me soon
Are my flowers too withered to send?
But before I am gone
I'll admit that you've won
And to use your own words
I'm a fool
I don't know what went wrong
Did I know you too long...
Or perhaps, did I know you at all?

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Pete Dossett

Beautiful crystalline voice!

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