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A Day
Clan of Xymox Lyrics

She feels my frozen touch
She didn't say too much
I know how you feel
I know what you think
We share our history
We killed our mystery
The words we speak
The games we play

I need a change from what I know
I lost my way long time ago
You knew it in your heart
You knew it from the start
It had to end this way
I can't bear a single day

Time stands still, today seems a year
Hand of faith, your time has come
All love turns to dust
The torch always rusts
Sure, we'll be friends
Words, drifting on words

I need a change from what I know
I lost my way long time ago
You knew it from the start
You knew it in your heart
It had to end this way
I can't bear a single day

It had to happen
It had to happen this way

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Maria Lelekis

It was truly a beautiful time to grow up. Music was awesome even some pop was pretty cool like the band ABC... so much fun. And some rock was pretty cool like the band Red Rider-and their song "Lunatic Fringe". You should check that song out- very very dark. And "In Stereo" by The Cars was another 80s anthem but for a somewhat popular rock song also pretty dark sounding. The videos were awesome. Most bands made videos that told a story and they were fun to watch!

The 80s had a very innocent feel at least in my hometown. We were able to have so much fun,, much of it pretty clean for today's standards. I remember riding my bike all the way to friends by myself about 2 miles away in elementary school with parents not worrying or being scared.

I remember playing outside all day, in the woods, around town. We had great parents too so its not because they were neglectful or anything. It's just, at least in our town, we were safe just like you would have seen in 80s movies with kids riding bikes all day and coming home right at dinner. We all did sit at the table and talk about our day and mom always said a prayer. Miss her. She was an angel. Dad was pretty good too. Would love to have them back. Cherish family b c you never realize how much you will miss them😋💞

I remember listening to Sisters of Mercy in 10th grade driving with my friend who was a year older with my arm out the window just feeling the cold breeze and feeling completely free.

The world felt like it was good and we had a wonderful future ahead of us. So lucky. Would do anything to go back.

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Luis Espinoza

Me pongo audífonos, mi casco, prendo mi moto y salgo a conducir de noche a las afueras de la ciudad y miro las luces a lo lejos mientras suena está majestuosidad !!! 😍 Tan hermosa música ❤️

Vanessa Pink

Esta musica es de ricos

Jimmy Bonifacio


Artyom Kolesov

@frank yeaaah, best ministry song

Jason Bouskill

Even in cambridge ontario canada theres a weird hybrid synth punk 80s italo disco that is understandable because toronto ont is close by cambridge ont and in the 80s there was italo disco synth bands in toronto ont. flock of seagulls movement happining amd my friends think im delusional and seeing things because like i said they will never understand good music like this and never will its a shame because if music fans understand real underground synth music the future would of already took off

Jason Bouskill

Indeed and thats why uneducated people into music will never understand synth punk even better if they hate my wonky synth punk called Stacey Paz.zaz and the cyber synth kittens then i must be doing something right this music will always be futuristic because even today people still dont understand that the future is in the past not the present timeline this is a good song i wish my synth stuff sounded like this but i dont have a midi box for my cheap first act m1070 midi polyphonic pitch shifter toy Synth that sounds amazing for some reason for being a toy synth but i guess if it has midi then it really isnt a toy


@Artyom Kolesov Nah man they were obviously Megadeth and Van Halen ripoffs

Railgap Esoterica

are you one of those goths who can't even go to the corner store for djarums without putting your face on? stop taking yourself so seriously, it's deadly.

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ABLAZ X (Armaniblast)

Goth club days!I'm still doing it at 48yrs old.

Leo Ng


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