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Theme From Harry's Game
Clannad Lyrics

Imtheochaidh soir is siar
A dtainig ariamh
An ghealach is an ghrian

Fol lol the doh fol the day
Fol the doh fol the day

Imtheochaidh an ghealach's an ghrian
An Daoine og is a chail 'na dhiadh

Fol lol the doh fol the day
Fol the doh fol the day

Fol lol the doh fol the day
Fol the doh fol the day

Imtheochaidh a dtainig ariamh
An duine og is a chail ne dhiadh

Fol lol the doh fol the day
Fol the doh fol the day

I will go east and go west

(To the places) from whence came
The moon and the sun

The moon and the sun will go
And the young man
With his reputation behind him
I will go wherever he came from
The young man with his reputation behind him

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Comments from YouTube:

Stephen Howlett

One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Celtic through and through.

Lost In The Fog

@Mike McGrath-Bryan ;)

Mike McGrath-Bryan

@Lost In The Fog Aside from the vastly different languages, cultural movements/revivals, and individual countries' traditions, yeah, absolutely.

Sarcasm aside - the "Celtic" countries have one major unifying factor: they were all colonised and marginalised by England.

Lost In The Fog

@Mike McGrath-Bryan Same thing isn't it

Mike McGrath-Bryan

@Lost In The Fog You're actually asking if there's a difference between Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall?

Lost In The Fog

@aine71 What's the difference

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Chris Holland

For anyone that doesn't understand the musical connection.
Harry's Game produced in the 80's about the troubles in Northern Ireland.
A British Army agent is sent to the heart of Belfast to track down a gunman responsible for the killing of a British politician. It's an incredibly powerful drama. Adapted from a book by Gerald Seymour really worth a watch.

Tom Fitzpatrick

Me too
Do you think that this series is worth the watch

Joseph Fahy

@Jack Dorris TK Max are here In Ireland too , it's not that I don't believe you , it's just hard to understand In 2022 that people don't know 1 country from another

Jack Dorris

@Joseph Fahy I can assure you Joseph that is true. I will give you the actual scene. I bought something in a store in Derby during the time one did not have access to the changing rooms. The cashier explained I could change it in any of their stores in England. I explained I lived in Scotland and was told that is fine as Scotland was part of England. Another cashier backed up this assertion until a fellow customer (English) informed them that they were talking absolute nonsense. A true story and I have absolutely nothing to gain from making this up. For the record the store in question was T.K Maxx.

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