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Classic Jack Lyrics

Look at the mess you made
I pray to god you waste away
Every day that you're alive
Makes me feel so dead inside

You're so worthless
Far from perfect
Don't know why I ever cared

Always hopeless
Up for purchase
I think you were made from hell

It's hard to talk when you wanna scream
And suffocate when you wanna breathe
You'll never fly if you're clipping your wings
But you'll never be good enough for me

Look at the wreck you caused
I crave the day your black heart stops
Every day that I'm alive
Makes me want to fucking die

So imperfect
On the surface
Don't know what we ever shared

You deserve this
Go to church bitch
Maybe then you'll find some help

You act like you're loved
Sent from heaven above
But you're worthless and cheap
Don't mean nothing to me

Contributed by Alyssa J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

planet zero

Does this remind anyone else of bring me the horizon?

Preston Dumont

fuck yeah man thatโ€™s why i love this band lmao

Brent Jackson

You a piece of crap

Richard Franklin

Yeah but Jack still has his voice for the hard part that we all love ๐Ÿ’ž

Donathan Carson

Fucking perfect, I've been following y'all for quite a while and you guys keep getting better. Y'all are gonna make it big, I know it. Keep rockin guys

angelic cutthroat

I've already listened to this like 25 times. so good

Lukรกลก Holba

@Classic Jack you have so great music and if you did not post some songs on GKE, I would not know you - it would by very big pity

Richard Franklin

Me too bro

Classic Jack


Maggie Biersack

I know yeah, they are amazing

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