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Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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Ismail Khan

I feel like when the universe ends, this song will play as the credits roll.


Yeah, because humans are so important in the universe. Lol, we can barely get off of this rock! What makes you think anything humans do means anything in the vastness of the universe? Other more advanced civilizations probably laugh at us. Look at how the world is run! Greed, corruption, power all control every faucet of our lives! We've become so accustomed to it, it's no wonder most people are blind to it!


Your right all civilizational end in a ballad not a bang

David Sands

I agree.


2020: so you have chosen

Matthew Eggleston

I’d be ok with that

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My grandfather was a pianist and composed many songs and played all his life since he was a boy. He taught me how to play the piano and taught many others to play too. He brought so much joy and passion to music. He even could guess the composer and song just by hearing it. He was such a talented man. This song is one he'd play a lot and was my favorite because he put his own style into it and made it so much more beautiful. My whole family thinks of him when hearing this song. I'll never hear him play it again but I want to be able to play it one day. He was my whole world and the reason why I'm a pianist. If you've read this far thank you and I hope you have an amazing day, whoever you are.


Have an amazing day too ♥

Coen Fronk

God bless you, thanks for the message and insight

Jet W

Thank you, Sparkle Jewelz. This piece of music always makes me feel so light and takes me to the sky, where the moonlight can shine through my heart...
I only wish I had the chance to listen to the version your grandfather played. I'm sure now he must be very happly in heaven surrounded by all the clouds that are made of his favorite music.
And I'm sure one day you'll be as good as he was. I also believe that you will interpret this piece with your own unique style, in a way some audiences will be able to hear what your heart really say. Take care, my dear! 😊

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