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Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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Siobhan O'Connor

What I've gathered about Mr Tortilla:
1. Real name is Leslie (or Lee)
2. He might be female
3. He is a half-Serbian Brit
4. He is in school
5. He doesn't like school... or talking
6. He doesn't get on with his family too well (but his online family love him)
7. He has two pet Guinea Pigs
8. Likes skateboarding
9. Watches Anime
10. Loves to draw, very artsy
11. Used to have a bully
12. Likes video games
13. Writes his own music
14. Knows 6 languages, currently learning Japanese and Russian
15. He has great taste in music
16. Also a sweetheart

Note to self: got up to day 50-174

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K Zayas

I love this masterpiece so much, I named my daughter after it, Claire Luna. As of today she is a month old.

carti fan

how is she man??? 😊

Daniel Mercader Alcayne

@Antoine Devillars "antoine" proceeds criticating names

Angel Juan


Robert Sepulveda

Happy 2nd birthday Claire 🥲 🎹

Bad Apple

she is now 2 years old nice ! hope yall have a great day

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Mr Tortilla

Day 841: it was quite hard to get up, today. Harder than yesterday, actually. Still, I mustered up all the energy I had to just get out that door. My oboe lesson was good, just refining some tricky notes. I inquired about joining an orchestra I’m really interested in, and I will be printed out some sheet music for the part. I had my first session with one of my new tutors today, and it was very successful. She was a good lady, and a good teacher

Stavros Kontopoulos

Nice man. Keep up the work. U can achieve what u fight for


@Anon true


At this point you own this yt video

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