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Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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Hi my name is jamie,
I had a father who was really good on playing piano he always wanted to let me play piano and i did he sometimes let me sit in his lap and let me play the piano

But one day he got sick because of kidney failure and the doctor said that he wont live much longer because he cant handle the pain
He could on only live for a year
He died on September

Hes last words are
"I cant wait for you to become the best piano player,and if you don't succed just play my piano for me and your family".
He died and saw him die on our bear eyes tears flowing down fron our eyes to the neck

And i became the person he wanted me to be

kabashi jay

Imagine listening to this music at midnight sitting by the lake, looking at the water, and see the reflection of the moon.

Don't try this when there's no moon, you will only see your self reflection.

Galaxy Kawaii UwU

Hello to...
People who heard this song long ago and wanted to feel nostalgia,
People who just discovered this song,
People with late homework they need to catch up on,
People who love hot chocolate
People who have a favorite stuffed animal,
People who constantly feel like they aren't good enough when they really are,
People who enjoy the scent of clothes out of the wash,
People who needed to remember Kaede so they came here,
People who are aware they will never be in the same place at the same time ever again,
People who are/kin gentle giants,
People who order order cheese pizza,
People who open their computer, forget why they did it, then close it,
People who have stage fright but love being the star,
People who constantly feel like the protag's sidekick,
People who tried to catch bugs with their hands as a kid,
People who are confused by everything and need help from friends,
People who sleep over the alarm,
People who still love their ex,
People who read FanFics just for fun even if they dont love that character,
People who are in the Creepypasta, Undertale, or FNAF fandom,
People who try their best to be the best side character they can,
People who tap the can before they open in,
People who let their notifications pile up to feel famous,
People who are daring enough to try those bug lolipops,
People who told their mom they hated her then regretted it an hour later,
People who used to be bullies,
People who would fall down a hill for their best friend even if their friend sees them as #2,
People who end up putting "/" before every message because they play too much ROBLOX,
People who are lucky enough to not recall cringy things before they fall asleep,
People who eat the hotdog before the bun,
People who took time out of their day to read this,
People who.... uh... wait...


Hello to your gay cousin,
Hello to your neighbor who always invites you to dinner,
Hello to your pet,
Hello to that kid who lives down the street,


What I'm trying to say is, Hello everyone.
Hello there different races,
Good day different genders,
How are you different ages?
Ello different backgrounds.

A warm hello to you. from me. yes, you! your not just someone random in the comment section...

your special and I can tell that you've been wanting someone to say hello to you all day! so, From me to you personally...

Hello 💗

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Archanea -

My grandmother was a piano teacher for over 50 years and this was always her go to song to play. Today it was played at her funeral


dog water

Mr McD

and can I just say.... I'm not that internet savvy, but read the replies here..... all are respectful and with compassion to the original thread..... no trolls or negative remarks...... why is that...... ??? but reading all these messages reaffirms my good feelings for humanity...... we can be nice and respectful to each other......

Mr McD

so sorry to hear that, what a beautiful fitting tribute......

Spartan_ 4154

I’m late but it’s a beautiful closing to her life. Rest in paradise 🕊.

Sarah-Aude Boucher

If there's always somebody who gonna remeber of her, she is still alive...

in our hearts ✌🏽🕊😔💙

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This has to be the ending credits song when the world ends


@R G You're opinion is not humble. You know the same. We need to either avoid or these either too-far-gone negative connotation and self-annihilation agenda pushers through they've sneaky and "not so subtle anymore" social programming adherents and repeaters and they're underlying decision for suicide.

If they've decided to be de-spirit-ed about us and our home-world, and non-hopeful, then fine, it just means they've agreed to give up. And won't be helpful, during the transition/transcendence, when we'll need them and could use them. They don't respect the Earth I guess.

We just need to resonate with the Earth. But that takes a big step -- valuing and believing in ourselves first. In order to see through programing and align with our own spirit and seeing it in each other.

I wish I could see it in them. But I just see darkness.


I agree wholeheartedly. Instead of sirens and emergency broadcasts this would suffice and elude humanity from malevolence, whilst inspiring acceptance. In my humble opinion.


@Froufrou Deluxe No, not to a killing negative connotation anything program.

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