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Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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blackbird 78

Kid. Take a deep breath my love.
You have the whole world ahead of you, inside of you.
Follow what your heart feels. That thing that you thibk about in secret. The one that brings a smile to your face. The one that you long for.
You already know what you want.
Admit it.
Do it.
The time is now my love💗

"What better time than now?
What better place than here?"

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this song brings back memories i don’t even have

Super DedeAdam

Piece, for the love of god

Zero Zero 2.0



That is how true musical art differentiates from random tracks. All the standard drums, three basic chords on the bass and someone talking over it is barely evoking anything beyond the content of the lyrics, which are frequently far from being deep. Yet if a track makes you feel something stronger than the face value, if it makes you see something you weren't associating with it before... That is truly a piece of art. It is shameful for humanity that many are content with superficial rhythmic patterns, and not with the more nuanced pieces.

Eliana Arellano


hell ño✔️

Relaxing music always brings me back memories I don't have

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Mr Tortilla

Day 242: pushed myself to socialize more, and I honestly feel welcomed! Thanks to my social butterfly of a friend, I wish I was that naturally extroverted

Salina Clark

So great to hear friend! With everything opening back up, at least here in California, everyone is gonna be everywhere lol! I have a bit of social anxiety myself so I understand how you feel. But....we gotta start to LIVE again and continue to LOVE. I come here almost every day to peek in and check up on you lol. Keep up the posting. Many prayers and a lot of positive energy to you!!

Kristina Popcorn

That’s sounds really nice


@Pogga you must have a serious problem inside of you to have a problem with this. What is the actual harm to you? Think about that. You are very much a minority around here. 🙂

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