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Playground In My Mind
Clint Holmes Lyrics

When this old world gets me down and there's no love to be found
I close my eyes and soon I find I'm in a playground in my mind
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

My name is Michael, I've got a nickel, I've got a nickel shiny and new
I'm gonna buy me all kinds of candy, that's what I'm gonna do

In the wonders that I find in the playground in my mind
In a world that used to be, close your eyes and follow me
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we'll sing a song all day

My girl is Cindy, when we get married we're gonna have a baby or two
We're gonna let them visit their grandma, that's what we're gonna do

Living in a world that I left behind
Happy little children
In the playground in my mind
See the little children
See how they play in the playground in my mind
La la la

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Comments from YouTube:

Nadine Colbath

I was born in 1960, and I am so thankful that I grew up listening to songs that you can actually understand the words, sing along, remember them years later, and get your grand kids listening to good music!!! I can't believe that I remember all the words to all these great songs!!!!! Music has been a big part of my life. Everyone knows me at the music lover and dancer!!!! I don't care where I am, if a good song comes on, I sing along like no one's watching!!! Especially when I'm in my car!!!! I LOVE showing people that I love my music!!!!

Gregory Clemen

I am right there with you, I was born in 1961, and when I bought this single when it came out, I really liked it. I still have this single today, and as I got older the tune made more sense, now it really hits home .I remember when I was younger, everyone was older than me, now it is the other way around!!!!.. all of the parents/ grandparents/ aunts/ uncles are gone now. I can see how some people have only memories of their youth left to think about.

Mark smith

1957 here and only listen to music I can understand the words to. which doesn't happen very often anymore

Mazie G

I was born in 58 And canremember all the words to songs as a kid,but don’t ask me words from songs from the 80’s on up! I just make up my own words which are usually more fun anyway. Lol

Michael Bacon

I believe "Black And White" by Three Dog Night was out around the same time. And "Diamond Girl" by Seals & Croft.

mark friedman

Music today for the most part is total crap listen to Ariana grande garbage maroon 5 absolutely horrible except for a couple of songs horrible

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Tess Castro

This song brings back wonderful , carefree memories of a childhood long long ago. When Music was inspiring.

Lisa Nealy


Daisy Mae

I’ll NEVER understand peoples need to criticize ANY MUSIC! Listen,the “old days” are over!


So true!!!

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