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The Expanse
Clinton Shorter Lyrics

I de sa morgenen jeg (in the so tender morning I)
Stige asoke (rise in search)
Ja lyn tid jeg vet ha delt (yes it's lightning time I know I share)
Skulder dett be na more (shouldering this I ask now for darkness)


Contributed by Hailey B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Bill Baldwin

Omg. This song is so beautiful.


Their we go.......I tend to play the intro several times when I watch this show. thanks for sharing


великолепная музыка

Morten Skogly

Learned today that the lyrics are supposed to be Norwegian. As a Norwegian I must protest :)

Bradley Penrith

Nah its a future version of Afrikaans


i think its a future version of norwegian


She's saying "No mang no gonya take my ship, me gonya race it to the kush" sasa ke?

Asko Koivunen

Well, I mean there has to be belters with Norwegian ancestry, so I think this is sang in the belter creole with a few Norwegian words in it.

Blake T.

@Carlos Eduardo Ortega Pérez I'm pretty sure it's just designed to be gibberish. The singing is just to get the human voice effect in there rather than have any meaning.

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