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Clout Lyrics

You've been waiting much to long
Now it looks like she's not coming home.

You've been loyal
True and faithful
All this time with being alone.
If I could get that same dedication
I'd give you everything in creation
If she doesn't come back

If she doesn't come back
I'll be your substitute
Whenever you want me
Don't you know I'll be your substitute
Whenever you need me

Sam every day you waited for her
I've been waiting here for you.
All this time I've been lonely

I know what you've been going through
I'll wait until ain't chances will come
'Cause you can't keep playing on her
If she doesn't come back.


Each day by your window you sit and sigh hoping to see her face.
You might as well forget about her and find someone to take
Her place.


Don't you know I'll be your substitute...

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


@Nadine Ireland Oh...come on Nadine...We looked great back then. 😎
The halter top floral print sundresses...Bell & skirts. 💗
We were free to express ourselves. 😉

None of My friends & I, were ever accosted for what we wore. Men stood up & protected us.
Yes...It was the birth of feminism. But I never went that route. I was happy being a young woman. And wore what young women wore.
The Fashion...The Music...They were the Best. 🙂

Neighbours looked out for one another. I never lived in any of the Big Cities...But we saw all the riots on TV.
I grew up in Germany...and later moved to the States (after I got married), but stayed away from the Big Cities. So I guess my memories may differ from some people. But I felt safer back then...Then I do now.
It seemed there was this thing called "Respect". Plus we had fun & danced...And Loved.

When I die...which will not be to long down the road...I hope my Heaven will be that decade of 1965-75ish.
Take care & stay safe 🙂

I was in your beautiful Country, about 15 yrs ago. I Loved it 💗. Where else could you lay out in the sun at Christmas? lol 🥰
I stayed at the Novotel in St. Kilda, across from the Beach/Park. It was so beautiful. (Sorry to see it closed)
I bet your country has changed a lot over the last 15-20 yrs...much like Germany has, during that same time.
(And not for the better, I bet)

All comments from YouTube:

Chris Montignani

This takes me back to a time when life was so uncomplicated with great music and not a care in the world. I’m now 62 and the 1970’s for me was possibly the very best of times. Hello from Scotland.

Scots Quine

Aye definitely wiz the best time. 👋 from Aberdeenshire.

jjimy woods

@John Mitchell big time man... absolutely stunned how a song can throw u back

jjimy woods

Bang on lad. Miss it all

Richard Grootjen

Hello from Holland! Nice clips...Greetz Richard.

Jennifer Herring

I totally agree Chris. Hi from Wales.

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Stan Salt

Often wondered why a guitar was that curvy shape. Well now I know.

Ricki Warren


Sheran Langer


Anna Gillon

Hilarious. Thank you for the laughs.

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