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Cobra Skullifornia
Cobra Skulls Lyrics

So you come from the city
you got big city money to spend,
I don't want your big city money
in my town my friend,
you don't appreciate it
you want to appropriate it,
and make a profit turn

you heard it through the grapevine
or read it in a magazine,
you're living in a hell hole
and somewhere far away
has a national ranking
and you start thinking
"How could they be wrong?"

Southern California
star where you are!
We don't want vacation homes
and a garage for every car,
you planted seeds in the desert
you stole your water from afar,
now Southern California
stay where you are!

you had enough of the hustle and bustle
that delivered you to success,
but you need that Neiman Marcus
and you can't go long without
all the amenities that
made it such a mess
you want to bring it with you

Southern California
look how you sprawl!
you're addicted to construction
you will consume us all

so if you want to make my town
look like L.A. you might as well
just stay right where you are

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