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The Sun Roars Into View
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld Lyrics

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A Dream of Water There were those, who didn’t run, there were those, who coul…

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J-P Claudel

And to think that the music is so beautiful.


Dramatic epitome...

i have a bulimic mind


Dude Man19

A Marble Ocean Swims in Freeform
The Sky Lies Draped in Stippled Velvet
Like so many Sun Spots, a Gradient
Into the Darkening Morning.
and there She is.
She has found the pieces of herself,
of her past and her terrible, glorious future;
Now is the time for remaking.
- - -
It was by instinct, she would later realize
when her death returned her here once more,
that she had stepped out onto that Crystal Sea;
The soul is always eager to heal.
But her foot does not break the surface,
Meeting the water firmly
And she begins to glide as angels might
Into the Darkening Morning.
Mountains, made pale by distance,
Slowly roll in the Gradient Wake of the Sun
As Banners or as Clouds,
And with a Wave of a Finger
Or a Flutter of her Heart,
The Horizon Folded and Flew.
Faster and Faster and Faster,
Her hair catches wind whipping behind her,
The Ripples on the Water
Run in Rivulets of Nebulæ and Neurons
In her Growing Wake, like the World was Stretching
Like so many Scales on the Serpent's Back,
In a Weightless Cloud behind her.
It is a Dream, perhaps, but Defined
In a kind of Limitless way.
And by God,
she feels Freer than she had in months
Her shadows dance about her,
Gathering as if from nowhere
The parts of a person
Long ago left forgotten.
- - -
The Healing Begins
Her many Pieces, as Shards of Stained Glass,
Gather and lay themselves upon her,
Until she is Made all over from their Color
Passing forward in Butterflies and Feathers,
Wisps of Memories, Feelings, Pains
The Glorious Varieties of Life
- - -
The Cloud falls away, finished
A soft call alights the Aer.
The Darkening Morning Breaks,
With the Cry reaching it's Peak
And Behold
The Sun Breaks Upon Her,
It's Light Falls Upon her Chest
And Oh, how She Glows
Like The Windows of a Church,
As Coral might in Glass,
An Opal Of Infinity, A Diamond of Galaxies
The Simple Complexity of Being;
The Ringing of A Soul Completed
Is a Glory Beyond All Compare.
- - -
The Waves Settle
The Sun Fades into Wakefullness
And She Awakens Anew
The Person She Is No Longer
As The Person She Was Before

And Somehow, She Knows
She will Again Return to that Place,
Where She will Become All Over Again
As The Sun Roars Into View.


@Dude Man19 This is a wonderful and extremely powerful text , and it touched me deeply thanks a lot for taking the time to do that.


Dude Man19

@Quelza it was me. A very particular image came to me as i listened to this, and I wanted to share as best i could.


This is beautiful , who wrote it ? Thank's a lot for sharing this

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