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How's My Sarcasm
Commercial Lights Lyrics

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john grace

Only will Ferrell could get away with a skit like this


@justandardprocedure this is who I thought of, Forte would own this sketch too

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@medexamtoolsdotcom no. walken isn't for this kind of role

john grace

@medexamtoolsdotcom seriously replying to a comment I made a year ago, yeah okay I suppose he could pull it off too, are you happy now, Jesus wept, get a life


You say that, but if it had been Christopher Walken, you'd be saying only Christopher Walken could get away with a skit like this.

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Ryan Reynolds could've gotten away this and been much darker lol. Carlin, whose not known as an actor for the most part, could've done wonders with a skit like this. Now both their approaches would've been drastically different than wills and each other's but all 3 would've been hilarious.

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Nicholas Thompson

"This also applies to children."

-My Father 👨


i love how the basset hound just slowly lowers his head as will farrell is talking, it's like the method actually works lmao

Dan Carrington

Well yeah because they respond to your tone of voice.

Elementary at Best

Striking them with a closed fist does very well too

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