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Lenders In The Temple
by Conor Oberst

A short delay,
The parrot blues
Little voices mimic you
It's not so hard to make that sound

So watch your back,
The Ides of March
Cut your hair like Joan of Arc
Disguise your will
They'll find you out

And when they do,
Look out

There's money lenders inside the temple
That circus tiger's gonna break your heart
Something so wild turned into paper
If I loved you, well that's my fault

A bitch in heat,
The alpha male
Not something she'd ever tell
Except when she got deathly high

And out it came,
Like summer rain
Washed the cars and everything
Felt clean for just a little while

A telethon,
We drove down

The starving children they ain't got no mother
There's pink flamingos living in the mall
I'd give a fortune to your infomercial
If somebody would just take my call
Take my call
Take my call

Patterns in my mind now moving slow
Sorrow all across the surface roads
Smoothing out the edges of the stone
The lights are out, where'd everybody go?

Erase yourself and you'll be free
Mendula destroyed by the sea
All we are is colored sand

So pay to ride the ferris wheel
Smile, all that you can feel
Is gratitude for what has been

Cause it did not,

There's money lenders inside the temple
That circus tiger's gonna break my heart
Something so wild turned into paper
If you loved me, then that's your fault

There's money lenders inside the temple
This crystal city's gonna fall apart
When all their power turns into vapor
If I miss you well that's my fault
That's my fault
That's my fault

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: CONOR OBERST

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Comments from YouTube:

Jo March

"A telethon we drunk dialed."
One of the only lyricists around worth paying a lot of attention to.

Tommy Coyle

ah i never heard that lyric before. makes the "take my call" line make more sense now

Jasmine G

every single song is a jewel. wow. forever

Ray Anders

Songwriting prowess right here. These lyrics just refuse to shrink in to my subconscious, they grow more haunting and enriching as time goes on. Conor Oberst in all his incarnations, is still an incredibly consistent storyteller and musician.

kinetic blues

well said and nothing but truth....🙅‍♂️

John Duncan

``The lights are out. Where'd everybody go?

Meghan Scott

This has got to be one of the best god damned songs ever written.

Tommy Coyle

i see this comment on most of his songs lol :)


Greatest songwriter of all time

Robert Lopez

He published another tune called “service road”, just goddamn.

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