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Corpo-Mente Lyrics

Dorli tae
Elon tae
Oli tali isan mi
Defe vi ente
Delon di on tae
Yeta on mi

Yente ie lorli enta li
Lo ie ron
Li don li o

On li taeli
Do scylla
Ante scylla

Contributed by Mia G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Igorr, you and Laure are one of my biggest inspirations.

César Tedeschi

Essa voz é linda e arrepiante, e a instrumental é chapada.


One of my favorite songs ever. It would be a dream to listen to your songs live. Laure is just stunning!


C'est magnifique !

Adriano Lourenço

Beautiful sound... new genre... amazing :)

dari bertz

absolutely great, love it

Makis Rafto

Amazing stuff.. I love that voice. I found out this through Igorrr, my favourite project of her. I would love this to keep going.. Cheers

The Anunnaki

Love this band, shame there isn’t more content to choose from.

Shane Mac Ortega



the sheer talent of you and igorrr... and that voice....

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