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snow noise assemblage
Cosmicdust Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I wish this was on Spotify so I can listen to it on when im offline.... Oh well; 'least I have YouTube premium m


Still listening to this in 2019... Wow, this brings me back to my middle school days back when iPod shuffles were a thing.


Maybe it is just because of the film Lost in Translation, but I feel like shoegaze and Japan complement each other real well. I was lucky enough to go on a vacation to Japan before shoegaze resonated with me and now I want to get lost in a Japanese city listening to Loveless, Psychocandy, Isn’t Anything, and this.


@Japanese Shoegaze
i agree with both. i listened to a lot of slowdive and mbv when i visited japan and walked around tokyo; it felt so right. really enjoying this album, by the way. thanks!

Asian Shoegaze

Thanks for the lovely comment, man. Lost in Translation is actually one of my favorite films (it probably helps that I watched it for the first time as I was starting to get into shoegaze from Japan). That scene where they're in the cab and "Sometimes" comes on gets me every time. A wonderful film through and through.

(also, props from a fellow Texan)


anyway i can download this??

Asian Shoegaze

unfortunately I no longer provide download links. try using a service such as soulseek to track this one down, I believe it is on iTunes for purchase as well if I'm not mistaken


I have the older version of Without You downloaded some 15 years ago or so from the Those were the days to explore new music...


I remember finding this little gem of an album way back on Myspace. It'd be really great if it was put on vinyl...

fukign dikcs lmoa

Amazing album, but I still can't shake the feeling that Unsatisfaction is sort of a rip-off of Sweet Trip's Dsco. still a great song though.

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