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Now She Screams
Craig Black Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Shiris Kiran Pradhan

Craig is one of the few character who was introduced late in the show but was damn good

Nick James

Was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t there to interact with Chris and Ann in the final episode


This should have lasted at least 45 minutes, no, AN HOUR, make it a FULL HOUR!


I came here for that, but couldn't find it


Okay good choice


I missed "This is my friend Maddison, she's amazing andSHE DROVE ME HERE"

Sophie cox

That’s my favourite one and they left it out. Outrageous



Henry M

The best is when he spazzes out about the wine during his test😂 WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ORDERS RED WITH FISH?!?!

Neener Neener

@Tuffy Logan How can you even suggest such a thing, you SOULLESS HEATHEN!!

...But yeah, I see what you mean.

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