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Location Remote
Curren$y Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist Lyrics

Yeah, la la la

East side, laboratory coats, testing the dope
I'm in a location remote, Ivory Coast
Tryna get high as I can go, the glass ceiling broke
It's never over, sole controller, all our chains golder
Diamonds brighter, you ain't gotta ask whose live-r
Niggas dyin' to be like us, losin' they minds tryin'
I'm in the basement scrapin' blades with all my sharpenin' irons
'Cause in times of peace that's when these snake niggas creep
You think you safe 'cause you deep, your goonies half sleep
Stooges if you ask me
Gibbs and Andretti fill that vault full of Fetti
Andretti and Gibbs that's like that barrel to your rib
It's that fucking real (Yup)

Eastside, nigga fuck the peace sign
Yeah, yeah

Ay yo
Call the chiropractor, this necklace is extra heavy on me
1963 Gold D's, I went Andretti on it
Dipped the shoes in 24 karats and dropped a Chevy on it
Boss, fuck a franchise tag, niggas can't Le'Veon me
Yeah, 'cause of a bitch I had to sit the bench
L train blessed me you broke me off when I hit the bricks
Passing off the dog bitch I scored the dope and I get assist
Kidnapping IG trapping might get your sister hit
We taping mamas up, we filling them llamas up
Niggas making statements they Manafort Papadopoulos
Trump sweating bullets on Diet Coke sniffing powder up
And if he build the wall we gone bring that dope underground with us
Told my nigga Spitta your enemies my enemies
I just solar powered up the Model X
Real nigga keep same energy, like what
I rep the pack like I'm Stunna Man
Legend in this bitch, might do Coachella as a hologram, nigga

That is just exactly what they want you to believe
Let's just call it the phenomena
He outranks them
He, he outranks them
Sit down
I don't wanna sit, I want my money

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Royalty Network, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Frederick Tipton, Shante Scott Franklin, ALAN MAMAN, FREDRICK JAMEL TIPTON

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


@fredtylertx14 Alchemist is top 3, if not my top producer. Gibbs is my second favourite underrated artist, only behind Royce 5'9. This album was meant for me, so I'm super bias, but SO GOOD! "Call the chiropractor this necklace is extra heavy on me. 1963 gold d's, I went andretti on 'em"

"Kidnappin' IG trappin' might get ya sista hit"

"and if he build a wall we gunna bring that dope underground with us"

"what, I wrap the pack like a stunna man, might do Choachella as a hologram"

All comments from YouTube:

Fernando Marquez

This shit goes hard! ALL HAIL THE ALCHEMIST!

Maurice Becoate

Best beat I heard in my life gives you chills. This beat is just to hard

Rio DeJaneiro

FINALLY! Something to add to my personal mix right behind “Scottie Pippens”...Real ones know. They catch feelings...We catch flights.

“I’m in the location, remote.”


Scottie Pippens is so underrated, just like Currency is. Alchemist + Currency + Freddie is pure fucking magic.



Jay Alexander

This guy will always and forever be one of the greatest. Never a dull moment when dealing with the alchemist. One love bredren.

Andre Chris


Isaac. H

They need to do a music video for this song. Wish it was longer!

Malice Green

@Caleb suterone .teo'theevilones' Mclean hell no! 👊❤

Caleb suterone .teo'theevilones' Mclean

@Doctor Balls yup bruh it took me not even 10 seconds and I could hear Conway just flatlineing this beat

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