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Ripped Apart
DARK LO Lyrics

"Don't worry, I ain't gonna hurt you
I need you to drive me on out of here"


I'ma send ten niggas through (don't come back)
Tell them niggas, "don't come back" (don't come back, nigga)
'Til all the guns empty
That's pressure, nigga (let's go)
Butcher, Dark Lo the Crook
Yo, look

What you see me in, I had to trap for it
Bounced 300 grams off the backboard
I'm really in the streets, it's not an app for it
I got up and took it just 'cause I ain't want to ask for it (nah)
You're fucking with these rats, so y'all niggas useless
We're street niggas, I'm judging you by who introduced us
8-balls to quarters, half, then was deuces
The bricks, y'all just coming with grown man excuses
Nah, I ain't jumping on no bandwagons
In the yard doing pull-ups 'til my hands callous
Fendi belt, but my pants sagging
All my lil' mans flagging, look like my watch took dance classes
Yeah, so all the bitches admire us
Hustlers who made miracles with them kitchen appliances
I can tell a killer, and I know you puss
I'm sending hits, got my bishop laying on your rook, ah

(Block open)
They're running like a track meet
I blew his head off when I sat in the back seat
Blood got on my face, I wiped it then went back to eat
I gave you classics after classics, say thanks at least
Running tiger for the party, I think I'm Meech
Used to running niggas' pocket if I think they're sweet
The most bodies in the clique
Wash the money if it's dirty, feds think it's me
I got on sweats and pennies
He said they're hating, I said "fuck 'em, Benny"
Gun store, I re-upped on plenty
You hear it roar, that's a Hemi
You hear the lick, that's a gimme, was locked down, that's a memory
My shirt a rockwilder, my wrist a sky dweller
It's the Goodfellas, OBH and Griselda
Nigga, you's a failure, I play the shotgun, I'm like Elmer
A month later, they'll smell ya

I went and found a new connect and got a better flow
Carlito should've killed Benny, but he let him go
He pulled up, thing banging at the train station
Y'all niggas know the play, Griselda, OBH

I can't wait 'til we run to him
I'm moving weight, I should run a gym
I'm out late, I'm with Stun and Slim
Let this MAC stutter on your brim
Benny and Lo, what's popping other than them?

Uh, I'm riding with it in the Impala, she wit it, a rider
I back out and turn this bitch to a getaway driver
Yeah, he doing 10
But he said it feel like a L
He called the homes saying break him out of jail (okay)

I reed up, I'll probably break the scale
I'll turn you breaking news, I ain't even lift a nail
And I'll never say who did it, I don't kiss and tell
I looked the judge in the eyes and said "I'm picking 12"
The mission got completed, opposition got deleted
We did it for the streets 'cause we know they need it
Fiends coming six am and we're still open
I just put my gun away when it's still smoking


You see (ay)
It was a beautiful day outside
It was like twenty of y'all niggas in front of the store
I pulled up all aggressive
Hopped out, windows down
Left my keys in the ignition
Went in the store, came back out kill money
Wanting a nigga to say something to me
I had the new .40 on me
I wanted to test it on one of you bitch ass niggas
But y'all stood down, smart
OBH, Griselda, bitch ass niggas

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Jeremie Pennick, Dshawn Telfaire

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Comments from YouTube:

Martel Dion

This is grown men rap no gimmicks no singing just pure hip hop at its finest we are so tired of hearing this alvin and the chipmunks rappers griselda plz continue doing yall thing and show the new generation how it's done

Young Low

Mannnn say dat🗣🗣💯💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾...Real Rap/Bar fans Still appreciate this type of music🙌🏾🦍

Jay Miff


Max Soprano


Willie Brown

Well said 👍🏾


Big facts 💪🏾

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Lamrich Gaming

Young rappers call these "old heads" but the "old heads" are the ones keeping the raw hip hop afloat.
This my era of music

reese Scott


Jesse Steele

@Anthony Hackett Anyone born in late 70s-early 80s/mid 80s, and if you remember the 80s and 90s and grew up listening to Wu, Mobb Deep, Cannibus, Lox, MOP, Gangstarr, Kool Keith, Big L...even Public Enemy, etc., you an old head 😉

jj bomer

These guys are good but Stack bundles was the hardest facts

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