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Just A Song I Wrote
DJ Clay Lyrics

I got shot, popped on Tuesday night
Now I'm on the ground fighting for my life
Will I die? Or will I not?
will I get high again or will I rot?
I can't move my body I just stay still
I just lay there thinkin of any beef that was built.
Was it revenge for them? Was it friends of them?
All these questions in my head and I can't answer them.
I think back random thoughts of the past
tears come to my eyes but all I can do is laugh.
I know I don't wana die, but then would it be so bad?
A daughter without her dad, I know that I can't so I hold on.

so I hold on
so I hold on
so I hold on

Now I'm on the stretcher, and I'm taking deep breaths
the Doc said my last breath might be my next.
He said hang son and be real calm,
I said "I can't die, plus my hands feel numb."
so I pray "Lord you can't take me now, I won't let these mother f___ers take me out."
I already miss my girl, I already miss my kid,
I already miss my boys and all the s___ that we did.
We used to record hits just for us,
we didn't give a f___ boy we couldn't be touched.
But now, I hear matchines beepin sounds,
beepin louder every minute, every hour,
counting down, so I hold on.

so I hold on
so I hold on
so I hold on

Now my eye's can't stay open I'm looking through a blink watching everybody cry, It's getting hard to breath.
Tryin to say my last words It's hard to speak
as I open up my mouth feel my body getting weak,
Please, tell my momma and my daddy that I love them both,
tell my dauther I'm sorry I couldn't watch her grow,
Tell my homies my bad I couldn't see 'em blow,
and tell my tell my tell.

I'm in and out memories are fading out
In and out very weak I couldn't hold on

Contributed by Sydney T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


this song is so sad, it touches me and gives me goosebumps. mcl <3

Enrique Villa

I know πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” it made me so suicidal....

Reesespieces Idontknowwhojohncleeseis

Damn I love this song. It makes me cry and reminds me about an overdose I had . Mmfwcl.

HA HA HA Joker

this song keeps da party go for them dwn ass ninjaz!!!!!!! Lotus Up

Amanda Tycer

HA HA HA Joker
haha. Your funny.

Kelly O'Leary

god damn I love being a ninja. realest shit ever


This sound like my new favorite song

james martin

i love this song it makes me sad everytime i hear it. this song goes very deep.

Enrique Villa

james martin I feel you πŸ’”

Scott Hill

man this song takes me back fr down for life whoop whoop to all my homies!

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