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Midnight in a Perfect World
DJ Shadow Lyrics

Insight, foresight, more sight
The clock on the wall is a quarter past midnight

I don't love you
Heading to garden of love, ah
Life come seeking of love, of love

Midnight, midnight, midnight, midnight

Now, now, now, now, now, now
Ah ooh
12 o'clock
Ah ooh
Rock rock rock rock the midnight rush
Ah ooh
Ah ooh

Now, now, now, now, now, now

Midnight, midnight, midnight, midnight

I don't love you
The midnight rush
Heading to garden of love, ah
Life come seeking of love , of love
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Now now now now now approach now approaching now approach now approaching
Now now now now now now now now approaching midni-
Now now now now now now approaching mid
Now now now now approaching midni-
Now now approaching now now now now approaching midnight

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Koen Metekohy

All samples:
David Axelrod - The Human Abstract (1969) (the piano at 1:17)
Pekka Pohjola - The Madness Subsides (1975) (the synths at 0:08)
Baraka - Sower of Seeds (1976) (the vocals at 0:40)
Meredith Monk - Biography (1981) (that bass noise in the background at 1:10)
Akinyele - Outta State (1993) (the guitar at 3:40)
Organized Konfusion - Releasing Hypnotical Gas (1991) (the rapping that you hear at 0:00)
Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music (1981) (sampled three times in this song, the vocals at 0:13, 1:17, and 2:11)
Rotary Connection - Life Could (1968) (the drums at 0:26)
Sorry if I missed a few samples, as there are probably a lot of other samples in this song that I missed. This is only according to WhoSampled.

Maynard Agnew

I agree!! Another great songs for me are:

Pretty soon i don't know what but something is going to happen - norma jean
slow gold becoming - thomas gilles
immersion highway - thomas gilles
twist - tones on tail
biscuit - portishead
pedestal - portishead
clams casino - culture shock (the version without rap "im god" is awesome too)
Maxine ashley - six underdround (original by sneaker pimps)

All comments from YouTube:

M-G Mustata

listening to this in 2020 with a joint in glasgow outside after it rained all day

zool hert

Coatbridge Hash Pirates on tour


Mate - salute ya. It works.

Sergio Guerrero

Man, something similar just happened to me... Listening this in 04-2021, 21:04.

Adam Jack

Inverness boy here, fucking love Glasgow, that must have been such a vibe. Also you guys have taco Bell..

Geronimo Osceola Maccabeas

2021 bruh

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This song needs to be sent out in space so extraterrestrials can hear it

Silver Spoon

it's been on FM. and analog TV even on satellite.
So they will receive it one day.

Marcial Silva

Can imagine this song blaring in your astronaut suit while floating around in the empty vacuum of space

love hand

It is. It just took this long to receive the signal.

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