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Spinning Song Op.62 No.6
Daniel Barenboim Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Daniel Barenboim:

Azure Driftin' Dreamin' In an Azure mood, Stardust gleamin' Th…
Caravan Night and stars above that shine so bright The myst'ry…

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Comments from YouTube:

Deniz Akçam

This piece reminds me of someone catching a dumb and oblivious fish :D


I like it, is near to Horowitz interpretation!

Christian Jiang

I'm studying this!


Songs without words <3 !!

evangelize europe

Maybe Mendelssohn would be a bit angry if we told him that this song without words reminds us of a Warner Brothers cartoon.


I like this interpretation actually. Very refreshing to hear proper tempi for these songs without words by Barenboim. Too many over-romanticize these pieces. Just my thought.


This interpretation is horrible. Bad rhythmic distortions and way too many attention to these ornamentations. Listen to Horowitz.


familiar melody...

Bóyáng Wáng

Did I hear bubbles? I feel like hiking by a creek.

Felix de Villiers

Whwn I played this piece for some reason I imagined a tipsy spinster on her way home and suddenly awkened to the joys of nature and her own sensuality To get this imageout od my head I wrote a short story at the end: 'Now she knew what those light staccato notes meant, making the melody trip along on weightless feet. And oh! The changing harmonies that moved like shifting sands beneath the surface, the darker, plaintive shades recalling sorrow.' Ferenc gets it exactly right.

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