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meadow academia
Daniel Matteson Lyrics

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Emma Petzke

Awesome video, super well researched. Here’s the list with time stamps if you wanna find your town:
10. Kankakee (1:17)
9. Peoria (2:22)
8. Danville (3:52)
7. Decatur (5:09)
6. Tie between Chicago heights and Ford Heights (7:00)
5. Harvey (7:58)
4. Rockford (8:55)
3. Cairo (10:05)
2. East St Louis (11:07)
1. Chicago (12:08)

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Nick Johnson

Here are all of my Illinois videos:



James Ellis

Good video right up to the political propaganda. Dislike.


who exactly are you talking about when you say ghetto people? I just want to be clear so I don't call you what you sound like.

Chris Dickerson

@CopycatAłert!MyReałOnlyAccountJoinedJan02 South go south, when I lived in NC for the last 6 years it's fantastic, In the spring and fall you can leave your windows open all night and front door open all night was in a town called Gastonia NC.Cost of living there is a little cheaper. The wages there are not as high as they are here NC along with SC GA are right to work states NC's governor is a democrat I'm lost on that on why governor Cooper would let it continue to be like that, moving on to housing it's real high, 100,000 will buy you a shack, with 5 acres on it they are building all over the place in NC new neighborhoods, apartment complexes condos, new homes depending on where it's at will run ya a cool 170,000 to 425,000, the taxes on that home WILL be cheaper alot cheaper. There is more things to see, do, places to go . It's just better living conditions straight across the board if u get a chance go see for yourself.

💖peach pastures 💖

@Cyndi Duvall I used to live in Casey it is the worst

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I was born and raised in Illinois. Lived in this state my whole life, in the same town to be exact. I have watched the decline of other towns that were beautiful places to live. I have watched our government do absolutely nothing about it, but picking up and leaving doesn't help. This sort of thing only stops when people stay...when they take a stand. I'm not giving up my hometown without a fight. I'm just not built that way.

Brenna Newman



What’s the definition of insanity, how long have Democrat’s ran this state?! Keep voting the same way and expecting something different!🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


I agree, you gotta try to make it a better place

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