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Dead and Dying
Dark Half Lyrics

Cause you're the one they wanna see
Take away from everything
You're dead and dying
Why are You still crying?
You're the one we wanna see
Everything You mean to me
Dead and dying
Why are You still crying?

Hey yo I break my fuckin' neck just so I can feel my end
I feel this awful pain and then I wait it out again
I have no friends, I know I never did
I do not give a shit about this life, I never win
Care less about your daily pain and everything You stress
It's hard to live your life when you are constantly depressed
These infected wounds, these inflicted wounds
These things they come right at me and they hit me too soon
Do You understand? What it takes to live amongst the damned
The ones who live alone, the ones who never had a plan
I am the one who sits alone at night
Prayin' for better days where I have the will to fight
I could be a better man but sometimes I'm scared to try
Sometimes I think I'd rather die than be alive
I'm sorry that it came to this
I just wish I could exist, just wish I could exist

The way she died in front of me is so exciting
The way she was bleeding man, it was so inviting
I had to show her that I love her, put my knife through her
Twisted it from side to side and watched her body slowly quiver
As I stabbed at her liver I kissed her on her head
Should I dump her in the river? Or keep her under my bed
The last words she said, I swear they still haunt me
But that ain't fuckin' stoppin' me from keepin' the body
Obviously, it's my personal autopsy
Doin shit I seen on TV just because I'm crazy
I cut through her chest and I remove her bowels
Even though the stench is foul, I just cover it with Lysol
So I wrap her guts in ties and I quickly remove them
Make sure nobody is a witness to my mayhem
It's sad that I'll never see my baby again
Oh well, I guess I'll see that bitch the day I go to hell

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Comments from YouTube:


One of the best hooks I've ever heard in a track. for real!



Gretta Bramblett

I agree

Kelvin Englewood


Dingle Berry

Yeah R.I.P him I will still love there songs

Geno Cultshit

Brianna DIY me too...


same I cried for likr a week

Trakz Playz

rip Genocultshit Dark half will never be the same again without geno

marie considine

I love Dark Half, they have changed my life in so many ways, Geno Your voice goes right through my head and stays there, you have such talent, and Damian you are awesome, you two together are unstoppable, I am not a Juggalo or Lette, I'm just me , "classic internet Juggalo rappers" hahaha to me they are FAR from it, They are Dark Half, they're music stands out, there verses and beats are awesome!!! F*ck the haters who probably not even trying to do something in there lives. Jake I know that's right, let them know

Contained Impulse

I Feel You And Im Sure Where Ever Geno is I Hope He Does Hear Us To

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